Jamie Lynn Spears Speaks Out About Being A Mother, More Before New TLC Special

Jamie Lynn Spears is now coming out and talking about motherhood and more. The star of Zoey 101 shocked the world when she became pregnant at a young age. This changed everything for her. Now, Today is sharing what Jamie Lynn had to say about how becoming a mother totally changed her, and it all worked out. She knew that when she became a mother, she needed to grow up. It was so worth it to have her daughter, Maddie. Jamie Lynn Spears spent the last eight years enjoying life, and now she is ready to get back in the entertainment world.

Jamie Lynn Spears spoke about it all and shared how great it was to become a mom.

“The biggest difference is that I was a baby and I needed to grow up. There’s a lot of surprises. The biggest thing for me is the sense of purpose I have every day when I get up… No matter what it is, whether it’s taking her to school or doing something like this today, there’s just a different motivation behind what I’m doing.”

Jamie Lynn Spears is now speaking out about her life, and she is working on her music career. She is an adult and is ready to show the world the way she has changed. You can find out all about Jamie Lynn Spears in her new documentary, Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out, which will air on TLC on Sunday night. This is part of Jamie kick-starting her career again.

People shared some of the details about what Jamie Lynn had to say regarding her new country music song, “When the Lights Go Out.” This is her way of reintroducing herself to the world.

Jamie Lynn revealed all about her new song.

“Whenever I wrote ‘When the Lights Go Out,’ it was coming from a place… it was the first night, of course, that Maddie was away from me. She was with her dad for the first time, and I was by myself. In that moment, I called Daddy – I was just by myself, and I was just like: I want to be able to let people into that side of me because that’s the story. That’s why I’m doing it. As you can tell, the music moves me, of course, but it comes from moments like that.”

Things are going great for Jamie Lynn Spears. She is living in Louisiana with husband, Jamie Watson, and her daughter, Maddie, who is now 8. She met her husband shortly after she split from Maddie’s father. Jamie Lynn went on to share about how great her daughter is and shared details.

“She’s got such a sweet little hear. I feel like I’ve raised her with a lot of honesty, but I’ve also raised her with a lot of love. She’s a very happy, content little girl, and there’s nothing more a parent could ask for. That’s my most proud accomplishment out of anything and always will be.”

Even though Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant at a really young age, it all worked out for her in the end. Jamie Lynn is happy with how her life is now and wants to make sure that she can let her fans in on the real story. This new documentary will share a lot about her that fans never knew.

Are you happy to hear that Jamie Lynn Spears is moving on with her life and doing great? Do you think that Jamie Lynn has a career in music about to explode? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss Jamie Lynn Spears: When the Lights Go Out when it airs on Sunday night on TLC.

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