Charlie Sheen The Face Of New Condom Brand Amid Claims Of Unprotected Sex Post HIV-Positive Status

Charlie Sheen has admitted to feeling a sense of relief now that the public is fully aware of his HIV positive status. In fact, the former Two and a Half Men star told Today‘s Matt Laurer that his admission of being HIV positive gave him a feeling similar to being released from prison. And the actor found that his life changed drastically after his disclosure as he no longer had to pay extortion money to those who were blackmailing him to keep his HIV diagnosis a secret.

However, the drama doesn’t end there for Charlie Sheen, as the Wall Street actor’s former fiancée, Brett Rossi, and ex-girlfriend, Bree Olson, have both accused him of hiding his HIV status from them. Brett Rossi has even sued Charlie Sheen for allegedly putting her at risk by having unprotected sex with her. Charlie Sheen refuted the claims of his porn-star partners and insisted that none of his partners have been infected through him. The Independent reports that, in an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, Charlie Sheen spoke about having protected sex with his partners even while he was aware that he was HIV positive.

“The only couple of times I didn’t tell somebody was because the last 25 times I’d told somebody, they used it against me, and they used my medical condition for their own folly and financial gain.”

Charlie Sheen gained stardom in the 1980s after featuring in movies like Platoon, Wall Street, and Major League. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, he gained the most notoriety after being fired from CBS’s Two and a Half Men due to his public meltdown and verbal criticism against Chuck Lorre.

Later, Charlie joined the cast of Anger Management, the FX sitcom that ran from 2012 to 2014. Although nowhere near as popular as Two and a Half Men had been, the sitcom made headlines due to the on-set clashes between Charlie Sheen and his co-star, Selma Blair.

Apart from being reckless with his professional peers, Charlie Sheen has a track record of abusive behavior towards women. It is little wonder then that, as the Daily Beast reports, many people have criticized the Swedish sex toy company LELO for hiring Charlie Sheen to endorse their new condom product line.

In 1996, adult film star Brittany Ashland accused Charlie Sheen of beating her and causing injuries. In 2010, Charlie was charged with a third-degree assault on Brooke Mueller, his ex-wife, who had accused him of threatening to kill her. Additionally, adult film stars like Capri Anderson and Brett Rossi have claimed to have been abused physically by Charlie Sheen. The Platoon star has also known to have insulted sex workers at various times.

Despite several allegations against him, Charlie Sheen remains focused on his efforts toward keeping the HIV virus at bay. According to USA Today, Charlie is a participant of an FDA-sanctioned HIV drug trial and the actor is quite impressed with the outcomes.

Charlie Sheen revealed that the drug is bringing about positive changes at both the psychological and emotional levels. Participating in the trials has enabled the Hot Shots actor to cope with the depression that followed from his HIV-positive diagnosis.

Earlier, Charlie Sheen had made the decision to discontinue his anti-HIV drugs in favor of trialing experimental treatment in Mexico. Later, the actor declared Dr. Sam Chachoua, the physician from Mexico, a charlatan whose treatment was of no use. Apart from getting back on anti-HIV drugs, Charlie Sheen has also cut down on his appetite for sex. In fact, Charlie has claimed to have slept only with one woman since the declaration of his HIV status in November, 2015. Now, he has decided to focus his attention on his family and children, and has been actively working towards repairing his oftentimes volatile relationships with his ex-partners.

Ultimately, it seems that his HIV-positive status has given Charlie Sheen the opportunity to reassess his life and realize that there are more important things to focus on than sex, power, and celebrity status.

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