Pregnant Blac Chyna Thinks Rob Kardashian Will Be A Good Dad

Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian’s child, as you already may know. The model recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about motherhood and how she envisions Kardashian as a father.

Blac Chyna answered without any hesitation that her future husband will be “overprotective,” but she added that he is “loving, caring” and a “big bundle of joy.”

Chyna told Entertainment Tonight that the couple has decided to not disclose the gender of the baby prior to her delivery. For those of you wondering how Blac Chyna is handling her pregnancy, she’s doing great.

“Literally, I’m just all belly, so I’m feeling good.”

The pregnant Blac Chyna jokingly told Entertainment Tonight that she isn’t suffering from “any pregnancy cravings right now.” This isn’t Chyna’s first baby; the model is already a mother to 3-year-old son King Cairo. She had her first child with ex-fiance and rapper Tyga, and the two share custody of their son. When asked how she was feeling, she told Entertainment Tonight that “everything is normal” so far.

The pending baby isn’t the only thrilling news for Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. The couple became engaged in April. Although they intend to get married in the near future, the two have yet to do any serious wedding planning.

“We’re doing one thing at a time.”

While the pregnancy of Blac Chyna has caused the couple to put wedding plans on hold, the model has a few ideas for her soon-to-be marriage up her sleeve. According to Entertainment Tonight, Chyna teased that the “luxurious nuptials” will be featured on their highly anticipated E! reality TV series, Rob & Chyna.

“We are thinking about having a wedding special, so stay tuned for that!”

Blac Chyna’s sudden pregnancy hasn’t been the only surprise for the Kardashian sisters. In this season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Rob decided it would be best to propose to Chyna while the rest of the family was away on vacation in Vail, Colorado. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe were not happy whatsoever with this sudden announcement. Kim was probably the angriest of them all, calling her brother a “p**sy.” That wasn’t the only opinion Kim had regarding Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s engagement.

“I don’t care if he tells me at all…I have not said one word. I could care less. I truly could care less.”

Luckily, Blac Chyna’s pregnancy wasn’t greeted with as much drama as the couple’s engagement. Although the sisters were surprised by Rob’s marriage announcement, Kourtney came to her brother’s defense. She tried to explain that perhaps he felt his own sisters were “judgmental.”

Kourtney then went on to accuse Kim of being too harsh on her brother. Kim quickly retorted to her sister that she wasn’t being a “b**tch” and has yet to tell her brother that she thinks he’s a “lunatic.” When Kourtney Kardashian finally got a few minutes of solace, she was able to share her genuine joy about her brother’s upcoming marriage.

“My brother is the happiest I’ve ever seen him [and] I just hope that everything is genuine and sincere. That’s all we can hope.”

Since the initial familial blow-up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, tension amongst the sisters and Blac Chyna have somewhat come to a halt.

“We’re all in a good place…We’re excited for the new addition in my family and in their family.”

Blac Chyna even came to Rob’s defense saying that he never intended to “do anything malicious” and didn’t want to “hurt anybody at all.” Chyna added that her relationship has improved with the Kardashian family since the initial proposal.

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