Fredrik Eklund Reveals he Was Bullied As A Child Over His Eye Color

Fredrik Eklund may be one of the most successful real-estate agents in New York City, but it hasn’t always been easy for this successful business owner. Throughout Million Dollar Listing: New York, Fredrik was mocked and teased by his co-star, Ryan Serhant, because Ryan knew that Fredrik had once done some adult film work. Eklund has been very open and honest about this, as he knew it would come out. But he also reveals that it was just a few weeks and then it was over. But even before this happened, Fredrik was teased by some boys at school when he was just a little boy.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund decided to share this story with his fans because he has a message. There’s a purpose to this story and he reveals that people have to let their frustrations go, because they can just end up eating you alive.

“I’ve never told anyone this story, but I’ll tell you now. I’ve always had really long eyelashes above my really blue eyes. When I was fourteen years old, the older guys in the schoolyard began making fun of me by saying I had ‘girl eyes.’ They would yell at me in their pubescent voices, ‘Look at him! He has girly eyes!’ I died inside. I became so scared to pass those boys in the hall that one day I went home and used my mom’s manicure scissors to cut off my eyelashes. My mom asked if I had burned myself, and I just nodded. I felt so ashamed I couldn’t even tell my mom why I did it. I was trying to remedy a problem that I didn’t even have,” Fredrik Eklund reveals in a lengthy post on Instagram.

Even though he has beautiful blue eyes, it sounds like he needed one specific person to tell him that he had beautiful eyes — and it wasn’t his husband, Derek Kaplan. Fredrik explains that last week, he was showing Jennifer Lopez a penthouse in New York overlooking downtown Manhattan. She turned to him and told him he had the most beautiful eyes. He was shocked, but it sounds like it meant something to him when Jennifer Lopez said it to him.

“I thought of those boys back in Sweden and forgave them. My husband tells me that almost every day, but somehow I think J. Lo saying it makes a better ending to this story,” Fredrik Eklund reveals, adding. “I’m telling you, we have to let it go. We don’t want to spend any energy replaying the tape of those past hurts, holding on to past mistakes, failures, and sadness. You’re safe now! You made it. We are on a penthouse terrace together. Let’s move on.”

Maybe this has something to do with the baby issues he’s been experiencing. On last week’s episode, Fredrik Eklund learned that he would not be having children this time around, as the second round of surrogacy hadn’t worked either. This time, they had tried with sperm from both of them and they had added both boys and girls. He completely broke down and he revealed that he was done trying to have children. Maybe Fredrik Eklund was convinced that it just wasn’t supposed to happen. The doctor tried to give him some uplifting news, revealing that it had taken him seven tries before he got his son via surrogate.

Fredrik hasn’t said anything about trying again, but he did share that he didn’t watch the episode as it was too sad for him to watch.

Do you think Fredrik Eklund should try once more to have a baby via surrogate?

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