Zac Efron Throws Himself Into Work And Bros After Breakup With Girlfriend

Zac Efron is doing what any sensible guy would do after a breakup — throwing himself into work! His relationship with girlfriend Sami Miro came to an abrupt halt after three years of dating. To recover, he is surrounding himself with as many supportive bro friends and committing to as many summer comedies as possible.

His newest feature is Down Under, another one of those buddy comedies with Adam Devine.

American heart throb Zac Efron is set to return Down Under, making the trip next month alongside Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates co-star Adam Devine,” reports the Daily Mail. “Promoting their upcoming comedy flick, the duo will be walking the red carpet in the centre of Sydney’s west, Parramatta, for a special fan premiere.”

His relationship with Sami Miro came crashing down early this summer, resulting in a quiet breakup. While Zac has not spoken up about it, his ex-girlfriend has used this opportunity to promote her fashion label.

Having a Hollywood actor as a boyfriend certainly has its perks, like the chance to launch a fledgling fashion label at an international awards ceremony,” reports the Daily Mail. “Earlier this year, Californian-born Sami Miro, 28, not only found fame but also her own company called Sami Miro Vintage while dating Zac Efron. Now newly single, the entrepreneur has gained A-Lister fans such as Selena Gomez – who personally bought the whole of her first collection on pre-order.”

Sami Miro admitted, “Zac obviously had a huge influence on me and he helped me as we worked together a lot in styling his personal wardrobe. Styling Zac and myself was really nerve racking and exciting. I felt honoured that my friend and boyfriend believed in me so much that he wanted to support me in this capacity and represent Sami Miro Vintage for the first time at an awards show.”

In fact, she was seen hanging out with new guys just weeks after the breakup, which must have felt like a knife in the stomach for poor Zac.

Sami Miro was spotted letting her hair down on Tuesday night, enjoying a dinner date in the company of handsome DJ Alex Andre at ROKU Sunset in West Hollywood,” reported the Daily Mail in early May. “The newly-single model was dressed to impress for her night on the town, donning a black bodycon minidress.”

But instead of lingering on these toxic details of his breakup, he has been trying his best to surround himself with positive vibes that his Hollywood bros exude. His Instagram has been filled with the great male companions in his life, which included his father, brother, and many of his co-stars in Neighbors, Down Under, Dirty Grandpa, and Baywatch.

As any major crisis inspires, he also went through a hair transformation, shaving along the side of his hair and dyeing the remainder blond.

Check out Zac Efron finding his rhythm again with the top dogs in Hollywood.

He also has been prudent enough to make sure he is not constantly reminded of the breakup on his social media accounts.

The actor definitely was left hurt and angry by Sami Miro, which explains why he removed “all photos of Miró from his Instagram and stopped following her social media,” according to People Magazine.

He also has been turning his attention toward his family, showing just how much they have supported him as he begins to navigate Hollywood as an adult.

Do you think Zac and Sami will ever be able to reconcile after the breakup? Share your comments below!

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