Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Returning To Reality TV, ‘Bachelor’ Stars Trying To Prove They Are Staying Together?

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are making their way back to reality TV.

Us Magazine is reporting that The Bachelor stars will appear in a new series, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After.

Are they just trying to squash rumors of an impending breakup?

“After you walk away from The Bachelor, it’s not like your life becomes private. People still find out what you’re doing, so it’s not changing our life to be public,” Higgins shared.

For Bushnell, their lives are already in the public domain, so putting themselves out there is nothing out of the ordinary.

“We’re already used to sharing our lives with everyone else… So we thought, why not? It’s a fun way to share life after The Bachelor.”

Bushnell moved in with Higgins shortly after the end of the reality series. The pair is currently living in Denver and are adjusting to their new lives together.

'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins 'Devastated' Over Lauren Bushnell's Dark Past, Couple On The Verge Of A Split? [Image via ABC]
Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins after the proposal. [Image via ABC]
“Starting a life together is never going to be this super smooth transition,” Higgins said. “It’s going to have rocky edges at times, but I love coming home to her at the end of the day.”

Just because they are living together doesn’t mean their lives are free of worry. In fact, Bushnell admitted that they still fight over the small stuff.

“He’s like, ‘Why do we need a new couch? We have a couch!’ So that’s been a point of contention,” she stated.

Of course, the couple has battled breakup rumors ever since The Bachelor finale.

Prior to handing Bushnell his final rose, Higgins told JoJo Fletcher that he loved her. Sharing those kind of feelings with another woman didn’t exactly sit well with Bushnell.

In fact, it took a long time before Bushnell was able to cope with everything that went down on the show.

'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher in Tears — Reveals Ben Higgins Was Her 'Truest Form Of Love' [Image via ABC]
JoJo Fletcher and Ben Higgins [Image via ABC]
At the same time, Hollywood Take reports that delays in wedding plans also hint that something is amiss between Higgins and Bushnell.

The two have stated in the past that they want a short engagement period. So far, they have yet to tie the knot.

According to Ok Magazine, Higgins is having second thoughts about picking Bushnell.

“Ben thinks he may have picked the wrong woman,” an inside source revealed. “Her insecurity has always been a source of tension. It’s driven a wedge between them, and it’s gotten to the point where their relationship is hanging on by a thread.”

There are other reasons why The Bachelor stars haven’t exchanged vows.

Last month, the couple hinted that they might televise the ceremony for all of their fans to enjoy. This could be one reason why the wedding has been delayed.

Whatever the truth behind the delays, fans have started to worry about the future of their relationship. If they are planning on starring in another reality show together, there’s no telling when they will find the time to walk down the aisle.

'The Bachelor' Ben Higgins And His Fianceé Already Headed For A Split? [Image via ABC]
Does Ben Higgins have a future in politics?[Image via ABC]
Meanwhile, apart from their new television show, Higgins is considering entering the world of politics. Although he still has committed to running for office, Higgins said that he’s open to the idea.

“I do a lot of work with a nonprofit called Humanity & Hope United [which aids struggling towns]. People reach out to me about community development and planning and how to counsel places that need help,” he explained. “At its core, that’s politics — dealing with issues we face as a community.”

Higgins has yet announce his campaign for a seat in the Colorado House of Representatives.

With a new reality show on the way, it is unclear how he will find time in his busy schedule for a life in politics.

Tell us! Will you be tuning in to Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s new show? Let us know in the comments below.

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