Mariah Carey Trying Her Hand As DJ This Weekend In Vegas, The Diva Is Up For Anything

Mariah Carey may already have her diva status and has clearly earned her place in the entertainment industry as a vocal powerhouse and lyricist. However, Carey is not about just sticking to what she’s known for or good at. The diva, who is set to marry billionaire James Packer in the near future, has branched out and is going to try her hand at taking to the turn tables this weekend in Las Vegas.

The star, who has a residency in Las Vegas that has drawn great crowds, wants to make the people dance and party it up like they should when in the City of Sin. For this reason, Carey is taking to the DJ booth at 1 OAK nightclub in Las Vegas and has tweeted the event details this past Wednesday for all to know about her anticipated gig this weekend. On Saturday, June 25, Mariah Carey is taking over the club.

Fuse shares about the unexpected collaboration and event that Mariah made an announcement for.

“[This]Saturday’s Mimi-as-DJ-set is (likely) the first time she’s ever spun tracks for a large audience. Carey will be performing alongside DJ Suss One, who happens to be her longtime DJ. “

Since becoming engaged, Mariah seems to be like a whole new daring diva. Earlier this month the mother of two parodied her classic Cribs episode by jumping into a bubble bath with Jimmy Kimmel while a guest on his show. Just before this Carey wore lingerie to Kelly Ripa’s on air pajama party for Live with Kelly Ripa. The star is also soon to be front and center on her own reality show which goes behind the scenes of Carey’s residency and recent world tour.

Although Carey is given much credit for stepping outside of her comfort zone, there is sure to be criticism generated about a star who has earned her place in entertainment as a songstress and songwriter, attempting to simply shift to a whole other art form. Thump shares a rather cynical assumption as to what club-goers may expect from Mariah taking to the DJ booth.

“To 1 OAK’s credit, if this isn’t embracing the new and the unknown, we don’t know what is. For all we know, Carey is probably combing through SoundCloud, testing out blends in Traktor, and hitting up producers for unreleased dubs as we speak.”

The perception by a member of the publication who had an opportunity to meet Mariah in the flesh, was also keen to ridicule the extravagant superstar.

“Seeing someone at her level of fame in the flesh is akin to seeing Lisa Simpson or the Nike swoosh walking down the street.”

Who knows, perhaps Carey, regardless as to what those who are set on expecting her to bomb in the booth are saying, will actually find a new outlet for sharing her music with the world. Good for her for attempting something outside of her comfort zone and embrace a new form of music in order to simply give the people what they want in a city that is all about the party.

In regards to the soon-to-be-nuptials between she and Packer, Carey has noted her excitement. However, rumors are swirling that the big event, which is sure to be lavish, is being put on hold. Initially the news was that Cannon was not about signing the divorce papers. However, from what it sounds like, when Carey spoke on the matter herself, the issue really comes down to the star’s busy life at the moment. What the world knows about Mariah is that any event she organizes must be spectacular, and with her packed schedule, planning the perfect wedding to James has not been possible as of late.

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