‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Theories: Rickon Stark To Become A White Walker?

Game of Thrones Season 6 isn’t finished yet, but there are already theories about Season 7. The latest episode made a very specific point about where Rickon’s body would be buried. Is it possible that he will eventually become a White Walker?

Caution: There are spoilers ahead from the last episode of Game of Thrones.

Rickon had a short run. After not being seen on the show since Season 3, he reappeared as a House Umber hostage and was used to goad Jon Snow into a battle that he wasn’t going to win without help. Ramsey let Rickon go, only to start shooting arrows at him. The last arrow — just as he reached Jon — went straight through his heart and killed him instantly.

Once the battle was over and Jon had won Winterfell back, he made it very clear that his brother’s body was to be buried. Up until this point, there had been numerous points about burning the bodies. Jon would know the dangers of not doing so after his time at the wall. Winter is definitely coming in Game of Thrones, and that means the White Walkers will be here before they know it.

It is possible that Jon wants his brother’s body to continue the family tradition. His father and aunt’s bodies are both buried in the crypt, and Jon made a point to ask for Rickon’s body to be buried next to his father’s. This may have also been for the sake of his living brother and sisters (even though he isn’t certain about Ayra and Bran). He wants to give them all somewhere to visit to mourn the loss of the youngest Stark.

However, it could be setting up a storyline for next season. Is it possible that this is setting the stage for Game of Thrones Season 7 to turn one of the Starks into a White Walker? It is possible that they will come to Winterfell and take it over, turning all the bodies in the crypt into Walker zombies. It’s already been made clear that the dead can be in any form of decay. The only weakness is fire. Australia Network News suggests that Rickon becoming a wight is certainly possible, but it remains unconfirmed as of yet.

There is very little known about Game of Thrones Season 7 at the moment. Nobody knows how Season 6 ends to even get an idea of how things could play out next year. A start date hasn’t been shared, but it is likely to be the end of April as so much work goes into filming the show. There is also the possibility that the show will be cut short to around seven episodes, as the showrunners have said they want to finish the whole series within the next 13 to 14 episodes. This would be very different from Seasons 1 through 6, which each having 10 episodes to tell the stories.

There is no confirmation that there will be a Season 8 yet. It is unlikely that HBO wouldn’t greenlight it considering its popularity, but only Season 7 has been confirmed so far. It is possible that it could be the last, and fans will have to deal with a shorter season.

The White Walkers are likely to appear more at some point. The war between them and Westeros has to move south soon, and that would mean reaching Winterfell, where plenty of dead bodies lie in the crypt. Is it possible that the Starks and Jon Snow will have to face off against those they have lost, including the youngest boy, Rickson Stark?

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