‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash’ And ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Latest Seasons Heading To Netflix Sooner Than You Think

Fans are about to get more of their favorite superheroes.

Carter Matt is reporting that The CW has inked a deal with Netflix that will allow new seasons to stream faster than ever. Whether its Arrow or The Flash, the break between seasons will be much shorter.

When can fans expect new seasons to arrive online?

According to Netflix Life, fans might have to wait as little as two weeks before new seasons hit Netflix. This includes hit shows on The CW, like Arrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, Jane the Virgin and Supernatural.

the flash grant gustin season 3
‘The Flash’ [Image via The CW]
As fans are well aware, it typically takes much longer for new seasons of their favorite show to arrive online. In days past, Netflix wouldn’t get new seasons until months after the show ended.

The new deal with Netflix is a major breakthrough in online streaming, though it almost didn’t happen.

Just a few months back, reports hinted that Netflix’s contract with The CW would not be renewed. Not only would the streaming service lose new seasons of the network’s top shows, but previous ones would also be in jeopardy.

Thankfully, the two organizations were able to come to terms and settle on a better deal than in years past.

The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham
‘The Vampire Diaries’ [Image via The CW]
That being said, the contract is exclusively for domestic rights only. At this time, it is unclear what will happen to the international customers.

Meanwhile, the new deal also affects The CW’s long-standing relationship with Netflix’s main rival, Hulu.

Because the network and Netflix have come to terms, The CW will no longer release in-season episodes with Hulu. Prior to the agreement, fans could access the most recent episodes of their favorite show.

According to Engadget, The CW is planning on using its own website for streaming episodes in-season.

Considering the ad-heavy aspects of the network’s site, this news is disappointing for many fans. This is especially true for Hulu users, who previously enjoyed the last five episodes of any given show.

Apparently, the main reason why The CW cut Hulu out of the deal was because the streaming service wanted access to entire seasons, instead of the last five episodes. Unfortunately, things only got worse for Hulu.

It isn’t clear how the new contract agreement will affect the respective streaming service, though Netflix is the winner so far.

Supernatural, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
‘Supernatural’ [Image via The CW]
For those that subscribe to Netflix, the new deal means new seasons will populate faster than ever before. As far as Arrow fans are concerned, the contract couldn’t have come at a better time.

According to TV Over Mind, Arrow is currently preparing for Season 5 and will introduce a brand new hero to the mix.

The show’s fifth season will include the character Artemis, played by Madison McLaughlin.

McLaughlin had a cameo on the show back in Season 4 as Evelyn Sharp. Sharp pretended to be the Black Canary, though this time she will take on a new identity as the popular DC character.

Artemis will be included in several episodes in the new season, starting in the second installment.

In the comics, Artemis is part of the Injustice Society. However, the series will likely follow the storyline put forth in Young Justice, the animated series that featured Artemis as Green Arrow’s sidekick.

Of course, Artemis has a lot to learn before she joins Team Arrow full time. After all, she’ll have her hands full controlling both her anger and dark tendencies.

The new season of Arrow is scheduled to hit television October 5 on The CW. If all goes well, Netflix fans can expect the season to premiere online a few weeks after its finale.

Tell us! Will you be flipping on Netflix to watch the latest seasons of Arrow, The Flash, and The Vampire Diaries? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via The CW]

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