‘Frozen’ Ride Leaves Long Lines At Disney While Company Partners To Make Lego Shorts

Disney World released its latest ride, and it’s from the blockbuster movie Frozen. It is called Frozen: Ever After, and it features the cast from the 2013 movie. Disney also plans to release a new television show as well as books in the fall, and a sequel to the movie was previously planned.

E News reported that the new Frozen ride has been a huge hit, and there are long lines to ride the ride. It is located at the Norwegian Pavilion in the Epcot Center. Visitors to the attraction get to go on a boat ride where they travel through Queen Elsa’s Arendelle kingdom. This is where Elsa uses her magical powers to turn summer into winter for the subjects of her kingdom. It also includes other features of the kingdom, like Troll Valley, and boat riders get to see the Queen and her sister Anna at the end of the ride.

All of the original cast recorded new dialogue for the ride, but the song from Frozen, “Let It Go,” isn’t included in the music. Currently, the wait time to ride the new ride is 300 minutes, or five hours. The ride has had its issues, and has broken down from time to time. Disney employees handed out ice cream to those who had to wait.

WCVB reported that guests arrived at the ride at 7 a.m. to get in line to wait for Frozen: Ever After. Since the ride broke down several times, riders were given the option of taking a Fastpass to ride the ride at a different time or ride a different ride in the park.

In addition to taking a boat ride through Elsa’s kingdom, the ride also includes a visit to Royal Sommerhaus, where visitors get to meet and greet Elsa and Anna. The scenery for the sets from the movie and the ride are based on actual places in Norway.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, Disney is planning a sequel to Frozen. Disney has been hesitant to create sequels in recent years because they didn’t do very well. Historically, Disney handed the job of making sequels to their animation division, Disney Toons, and the sequels were released directly to video. Disney has seen success from other divisions with its sequels, and so a theatrical release of a Frozen sequel has been planned.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Disney is partnering with Lego to create Lego Shorts from Frozen. Frozen Northern Lights will also launch its first series of books related to the hit movie. In this epic adventure series, it follows Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven on a journey to restore the glitter of the Northern Lights. It will also add a new character called Little Rock, and the series will be released in the fall.

Andrew Sugarman, Disney Worldwide Publishing Vice President, said that Disney was excited to release this latest adventure.

“Natural phenomenon meets cultural phenomenon in this all-new story, Frozen Northern Lights. We’re excited to share this new adventure and offer fans great new ways to connect with their favorite characters thanks to a host of related books, digital games and activities.”

Frozen has become the highest grossing animated film of all time with over one billion in sales. It has inspired several off shoots for Disney including a holiday special, a theme park ride and a live show at Disney’s California Adventure Park. Lego is coming off the its own recent hit, The Lego Movie.

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