Beyoncé’s New Protégées Chloe And Halle Bailey Wows Everyone During BET Awards, New Single ‘Drop’ Available Now!

Beyoncé has gone from being the queen of pop music to being a mentor to her signed artists, sisters Chloe and Halle Bailey. Now, her Chloe X Halle duo have taken the world by storm in their BET performance.

The duo, now called Chloe X Halle, have been picked to perform at BET Experience, a star-studded event which featured 2 CHAINZ, Usher, Katt Williams and more.

According to LA Times, Beyoncé has been one of the key factors why Chloe X Halle were able to attend the massive event. Back in 2013, Beyoncé actually performed to a sold-out arena for the BET Experience in Los Angeles. Since then, the event has been packed with fans from all over the U.S. Though the Queen B is no longer attending the event on an annual basis, Beyoncé has left her mark on the BET Experience stage.

For this year, she wanted to showcase her prime talents under her own record label, Parkwood Entertainment. Chloe X Halle performed multiple times during the three-day event as they feature their first EP, Sugar Symphony. Sugar Symphony includes five of their original songs, including their latest single, “Drop.”

Making Their Own Mark In The Music World

Chloe X Halle were just young, talented girls who took advantage of YouTube. Covering many of Beyoncé’s songs, they got the attention of many fans so fast.

The sisters also posted their own rendition of Beyoncé’s Pretty Hurts which has garnered about 13 million views. Since then, they have been showing the world how unique their tandem is.

The good thing about this sisters is that they have identified their own brand. They did not try to recreate Destiny’s Child. Chloe has a beautiful, soulful bass tone, while younger sister Halle has a soft, jazzy voice.

Not riding the bandwagon on what’s hot and what’s not in the music industry is a sign of maturity. That is what Chloe X Halle has shown in their new EP.

“It was apparent from the moment I met them that they were stars. They have a unique quality you know when you’re around it. They’re people you want to root for,” said Parkwood CEO Steve Pamon.

At first, the sisters were hesitant to put up their music for everyone to hear. They were scared and nervous, according to Halle.

“We were like, ‘Will they understand it?’ It’s not your typical-sounding music.”

Pamon said that Parkwood understands the importance of maintaining the soul of the sisters. They wanted to protect their identity as artists, and they are not pressuring them with deadlines on when they are going to “be big.”

Chloe X Halley BET Awards
Recording artists Halle Bailey (L) and Chloe Bailey of Chloe X Halle attend the radio broadcast center during the 2016 BET Experience at the JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live on June 24, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images for BET)

“There’s no pressure on them to do anything but be themselves,” said Pamon.

Halle said that she appreciates the label’s approach in growing them as artists.

“As we’re growing into young women, we’re always experimenting and changing our minds. And you hear these stories from artists who have to constrict themselves. It breaks my heart,” said Halle.

Pamon added that this creative leeway does not mean they are not prioritizing the girl’s commercialization. After BET Experience, Chloe X Halle are being prepared to possibly join Beyoncé’s “Formation” world tour.

“Part of the currency she has bought is the ability to do the right thing in the right way at the right time,” Pamon said of his widely adored business partner. “That’s our competitive differentiation. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of Parkwood and have Beyoncé as your adviser?”

Just to see how amazing these ladies have become, check out their latest single, Drop, below:

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]

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