Nick Young’s Baby Mama Wants Iggy Azalea’s Engagement Ring: Former Couple Back Together?

Following the news that Iggy Azalea has ended her engagement with LA Lakers basketball player Nick Young, the 31-year-old is believed to have reconciled with his baby’s mother, who is now hoping that she’ll receive the $500,000 engagement ring Young gifted Iggy when he made his proposal last year.

Several sources have alleged that Nick and Keonna have been showing clear signs that they may have gotten back together, which is quite surprising since the NBA player only announced his split with Iggy earlier this week.

Whatever the situation may be, Keonna seems to have her eyes on the prize, and that’s the expensive engagement ring that Iggy Azalea returned to Nick after she packed her belongings and moved out of the Los Angeles home the couple had been sharing for past two years.

A source tells Hollywood Life, “Call it ratchet, call it trifling, whatever you want to call it. Keonna wants Nick to give her Iggy’s engagement ring! K thinks it’s beautiful and stunning but even better, she loves the idea of flossing a half of millie piece of bling on her finger.”

The insiders to allege that Keonna couldn’t care less about Iggy Azalea — her main priority right now is to make sure that she gets her hands on the ring and manages to squash any feud she may have had with Nick Young in the past in the hopes of getting back together and being a family once again.

It should be noted, however, that Iggy and Nick broke up because the “Fancy” rapper couldn’t deal with the possibility that her fiancé had allegedly cheated on her with multiple women during their engagement.

Nick was said to have confessed to Iggy that he had slept with another woman, and while Iggy was left hurt and heartbroken, she forgave him. But when other women came forward claiming that they had also slept with the basketball star in recent months, Iggy couldn’t take it anymore and decided to call it quits with the man she once believed would be the father of her children.

The source continues that Keonna is determined to get her hands on the ring, stressing, “Keonna has no shame about it either. Nick and Iggy are over and she would hate to see a beautiful ring like that just go to waste.”

“She’s already requested the rock from Nick so she can take it to her jeweler to get resized. Keonna’s used to getting what she wants from Nick and is hoping this request will be no different. She’s the mother of his child and that carries a lot of weight.”

Last week, it was alleged that Keonna may be pregnant with Nick Young’s second child, which would evidently mean that the father-of-one was cheating on Iggy with his baby’s mother even before the couple split. By the look of things, Azalea clearly didn’t want to be turn into the victim in the whole situation, and Iggy likely couldn’t care less about a $500,000 engagement ring.

She has remained rather quiet after announcing her split from Young, having already moved all of her belongings out of Nick’s home. Reportedly, there’s no chance that the duo will ever get back together, so Iggy is moving on with her life.

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