WWE News: WWE Planning To Have A Women’s Division On Both Shows, Another Women’s Title Coming?

When it comes to the women of WWE, the company is wanting people to realize that they are going to continue to press on with their women’s movement. They certainly should. The company has managed to make Charlotte a credible heel Women’s Champion and with Dana Brooke helping her, should could stay at the top of the women’s division for some time. On top of that, Sasha Banks is back and proving why she’s one of the best characters in all of the WWE. The division is not a two horse race though, as the company has plenty of other great female workers with two who have not even debuted on the main roster yet.

It was rumored for some time that WWE would most likely feature the major Women’s Division on one show, most likely WWE RAW, once the brand split took place next month. However, that may no longer be the case. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE plans to put the Women’s Division on both shows. That very well could lead to two Women’s Titles for the WWE, as having one may not work well for them if the champion doesn’t travel, which is unlikely due to the new two-PPV system WWE will employ after the draft.

This could be why WWE is doing the Sasha Banks vs Charlotte match at WWE Battleground, most likely. They very well could be split up in the WWE Draft, which would then have each woman lead their respective brand.

Charlotte Dana Brooke
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It would make sense to do all of this as well. WWE seems to be making RAW and SmackDown legitimately two different brands, almost as if they’re two different companies. This is why we’re seeing the two-PPV system, with only the big four seeing each brand work together. On top of this, the roster is quite large, and the company has a lot of talented men and women, many of which WWE has looked over for some time due to the fact that they never had a chance to prove their worth.

This will give WWE a great way to expose some great people on their roster and even those from WWE NXT that have yet to debut with the company’s main roster. People like Bayley and Asuka could be good helpers to any show they go to when they arrive on the main roster, which would automatically help the women’s division they’re part of. In fact, Bayley is set to arrive on the main roster soon, which means she very well could be part of a title match almost immediately upon arrival due to the women’s division being on both shows.

At the end of the day however, WWE must do a good job at how they use the ladies of WWE. They have started to get better with them, but dating back to the Fall of 2015, they had a cluster of terrible things occurring with the women and it was hard to watch. They tried to push the entire division at the same time, and it simply didn’t land. By early 2016, they saw their mistakes and quickly changed course.

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After WrestleMania 32, Charlotte was established as a credible top star for the women’s division and Sasha Banks was seen as a contender for the title that could take it from her at any moment. The company kept them away from each other until just recently. Meanwhile Becky Lynch has proven to be put into an almost Daniel Bryan-like role where she shows potential and something always gets in the way. The characters and storylines for the women are similar to what the company would do with the men.

It is no longer about a man that someone took or someone getting a photoshoot the other wanted. It is about real competition with real competitors, exactly like the men of WWE. This is good to see and it only makes the division better long-term. When Trish Stratus and others say that the division now is something they wish they were part of, that tells you all you need to know.

The question is simply, will WWE continue down this path with two different women’s divisions? They have enough women to do it, but the real concern will be if they have the right women to make it happen without the same matches continuing to happen over and over again. Fans like rivalries, but even Trish and Lita didn’t fight every month, for example. It remains to be seen what direction they go in, so this could be great for the WWE, but it could also be a big failure for them as well.

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