Bethenny Frankel Reacts To Ramona Singer’s Imitation Of Her In Role Play With Sonja Morgan

On that latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City that aired on Wednesday night, Ramona Singer impersonated Bethenny Frankel in a role play scenario with Sonja Morgan. At Sonja’s home, Ramona tried to coach Sonja on how to apologize to Bethenny, who was still mad at Sonja over her Tipsy Girl alcohol line. Ramona, pretending to be Bethenny, lashed out at Sonja as she tried to apologize. Ramona made Bethenny out to be really aggressive, mean, and unforgiving. So what does Bethenny think of Ramona’s impersonation?

Bethenny actually found it funny. As the episode aired, a viewer asked Bethenny if she thinks Ramona went too far in her impersonation. The viewer added that Ramona perhaps enjoyed mocking Bethenny in the role play. Bethenny replied with a no. Bethenny added that the impersonation was funny.

Several other viewers chimed in to agree that Ramona’s impersonation was hilarious.

In response to another viewer who wondered what Bethenny thought of the rehearsal that Sonja and Ramona had, Bethenny asked for viewer input on whether it was a good imitation of her. Bethenny asked if Ramona or Amy Phillips, a comedian who frequently parodies Real Housewives, is better.

The few responses to Bethenny’s question agreed that Ramona’s impersonation didn’t even come close to Amy’s impersonations of the housewives.

While others may not agree, Ramona thought she did a pretty good job. She called the role play “epic.”

Sonja liked the scene as well. She shared that scenes like that make her miss the fun she used to have with her co-stars, who lately would rather engage in a “stupid” story line about her drinking too much.

On the latest The Real Housewives of New York City episode, Sonja Morgan, at her home, told Ramona Singer that she decided to stop drinking. This pleased Ramona, who said in her confessional that Sonja becomes a different person when she drinks.

“Sonja, when she drinks, she becomes a different person. She’s angry. She’s hostile. She’s just not that warm, loving woman that I adore and that everyone else adores.”

When that aired, Sonja made clear that she doesn’t appreciate what Ramona said of her. On Twitter, Sonja sarcastically thanked Ramona for backstabbing her again. Sonja maintained that she doesn’t get mean when she drinks. Rather, she gets more loving.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sonja in recent weeks has gone on the attack when it comes to Ramona. Sonja even once tweeted that Ramona’s on tranquilizers and up Bethenny’s rear.

During their scene together, Ramona then advised Sonja to apologize to Bethenny about Tipsy Girl. In a previous episode, Bethenny ripped into Sonja over what she thought was a blatant copycat move. Sonja defended herself by saying that she really didn’t know that the similar name would cause such a problem with Bethenny. Unconvinced that Sonja would be so ignorant, Bethenny continued criticizing Sonja. At one point, Bethenny even told her that she never wants to see her face again. Sonja left Bethenny’s Skinnygirl office in tears.

When Sonja admitted to Ramona that she rambles when she gets nervous, Ramona suggested that they do some role play, with Ramona pretending to be Bethenny. Ramona played Bethenny as someone with very little patience who goes on the attack and gets personal.

“Well why did you do it? Why did you do a copycat brand. Why’d you do that? Well you should’ve realized [it was a copycat brand]. What are you? Dumb? What were you thinking…What am I, stupid…I don’t understand. How could you not think? You’re supposed to be a smart girl. I mean really?”

Ramona told Sonja to say that she didn’t realize at the time that naming her line Tipsy Girl was a copycat move and then to repeatedly ask for forgiveness when Bethenny inevitably starts ripping into her. Later, in her confessional, Ramona expressed hope that the role play will help Sonja.

“The odds are Sonja’s not going to remember, but I’m thinking positive!”

As it happens, The Real Housewives of New York City viewers will have to wait to see if Sonja Morgan succeeds with Bethenny Frankel. Sonja didn’t have a chance to put to use her practice with Ramona Singer because Bethenny then received confirmation from her doctor that she was facing a major medical issue, uterine fibroids and cysts that resulted in a loss of 10 percent of her blood and which may necessitate a complete hysterectomy. Bethenny subsequently didn’t attend the next group event and canceled the upcoming trip to Mexico.

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