Jamie Lynn Spears Says Sister Britney Is ‘In A Bada– Place Right Now!’

Jamie Lynn Spears is a successful singer in her own right, but, proving that sibling rivalry sometimes takes a backseat to the bonds of family and blood, she recently spoke out about the pride she feels for older sister Britney Spears. The two musicians have always been supportive of one another, but now Jamie Lynn is eagerly gushing over her sister, even as some critics question whether Britney still has that competitive edge, after having spent so long on her Piece of Me Las Vegas residency.

Jamie Lynn Spears Idolizes Her Older Sister

“My sister is in a bada– place right now,” country sensation Jamie Lynn says of older sister, Britney Spears.

While Britney may take an occasional break from her residency at The Axis in Las Vegas, as was the case, when Spears performed at the Billboard Music Awards and walked away with the Icon Award, she still has two more years in her Piece of Me residency. A five-year run at The Axis is a long time to be away from the studio and off the road, but Jamie Lynn assures Britney fans that her sister hasn’t lost her edge. If anything, the younger Spears says her sister is at the top of her game.

“I think we need to focus on what an amazing place everyone is in, especially her,” Jamie Lynn adds. “She’s kicking a** right now!”

Britney Spears herself said much the same thing early in 2015 when she made a point to mention that she was in a good place and feeling blessed with the direction her life has taken in past years.

Britney Spears And Jamie Lynn Have Both Been Publicly Disgraced

It isn’t easy growing up in front of the cameras and many come to a bad end by the pressures such a lifestyle can place on child celebrities, but, all things considered, both Britney and Jamie Lynn have overcome their individual obstacles to rise like the phoenix out of the ashes. 2008 was a particularly bad year for both of the Spears sisters, beginning with Britney’s mental breakdown, which ultimately led to the new 34-year-old pop sensation being placed under a court ordered conservatorship. That same year, Jamie Lynn, who was 16-years-old at the time, gave birth to a daughter, Maddie, and became the subject of public criticism over the issue of teen pregnancy.

Jamie Lynn says her family’s problems may seem extreme when viewed in the media, but she feels their problems are no worse than anyone else’s troubles. The younger Spears sibling says the difference is that their problems receive far more media attention than is the case with most other families.

“We are really honest,” says Jamie Lynn. “If my family is going through something, we don’t try to pretend we’re perfect because we’re not. To the public, that can look like we’re falling apart. But to us, it’s just going through life.”

All things considered, Britney’s little sister says their experiences have shaped them and helped them to grow into resilient and successful adults.

“What you learn is: no one defines you. As long as you’re honest and hold yourself accountable, I don’t believe that the outside defines you,” Spears says. “I choose to embrace the good.”

Whatever their fans think of their past problems, both Jamie Lynn and Britney have overcome the drama and refocused their attention on the importance of family. Jamie Lynn is now happily married to businessman Jamie Watson and living in Louisiana, where they share parenting responsibilities in raising Maddie, who’s now 8-years-old.

Britney Spears’ Vegas residency affords her a flexible schedule, so she can spend much more time with Sean Preston, 10, and Jayden James, 9, when she’s not performing on stage.

“We spoil each other’s kids. I get to have the boy time with them, and Britney gets to play dress-up with Maddie,” says Jamie Lynn. “I think it’s more of a joy having a sister who has kids, too.”

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