‘Game Of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon Talks Ramsay Bolton’s Death [Spoilers]

There have been a lot of great Game of Thrones deaths through the seasons, but the death of Ramsay Bolton sits right up there with the killing of King Joffrey Baratheon. Ramsay made even Joffrey look tame in comparison, as the boy king was just a petulant and spoiled brat on Game of Thrones. Ramsay Bolton was evil and sadistic and enjoyed torturing people as much as he loved killing them. That made Ramsay’s death even that much better since Bolton was tortured horribly before his death.

Iwan Rheon is the actor who played Ramsay Bolton on Game of Thrones, and he talked recently with Vulture about his character and that amazing and intense Game of Thrones death scene. Game of Thrones fans will remember clearly that one thing that Ramsay loved was using his dogs to kill, such as when Bolton chases a girl through the woods and shoots her with arrows just so his dogs can tear her apart.


If anything, Ramsay Bolton got exactly what was coming to him this week on Game of Thrones. Plus, this ends any chance of a return for the character.

“I jokingly said to David [Benioff], ‘I’ve been eaten by dogs, so I won’t be able to be a White Walker?’ And he was like, ‘No.’ But you never know! I find it highly unlikely that he will be, though. He’s been digested, hasn’t he?”

One thing that Game of Thrones has been accused of by its detractors is the brutality of the show, as well as the rape scenes involved in it. Ramsay Bolton has been guilty of more torture to women than just about anyone. There was the scene with Ramsay chasing the young girl with his dogs in the woods. There was the scene where Bolton raped his new wife Sansa on their wedding night. In the book, Ramsay Bolton was just as evil, forcing Lady Hornwood to marry him and then locking her in the tower until she starved to death.

When it comes to Sansa, Iwan Rheon said that it was very hard to film the wedding day scenes. He does feel that Ramsay Bolton’s brutality has changed Sansa in a number of ways. Rheon said that through it all, Sansa became very strong and helped to create a very strong female character, albeit through a very disturbing series of Game of Thrones scenes with Ramsay Bolton.

“The wedding night was the hardest of all of Ramsay’s cruelties to shoot. That was a difficult day, and a difficult period leading up to it, just knowing it was coming. I was dreading it. It was very somber on set that day, and it was a difficult thing for anyone to have to do. It was just horrible to do, but you just have to approach it as an actor and tell the truth of the situation. You could tell nobody wanted to do it, but that was our job, so we just got on with it, and made the scene as good as possible.”

Those tortures, including the terrible rape scene, made it almost seem more pleasurable for Game of Thrones fans when it was Sansa who let Ramsay’s dogs into the cage with his beaten and bloody body tied up and Ramsay unable to defend himself. While Bolton used his dogs to commit torture through four seasons on Game of Thrones, and they had been starved for days, taking the opportunity to feed on their owner. Sansa gained revenge in the most demented way possible. Luckily for Iwan Rheon, he had no worries when filming that Game of Thrones scene.

“It was all done in post-production … These dogs, they’re not your usual TV dogs. They’re actually quite brutal. And they only listen to their owners. You’re told not to look at them in the eye, don’t pet them, and all that, so you can’t really sit there with them in the chair, because if the dog decides to actually bite your face off, there really isn’t anything they’re going to be able to do.”

Iwan Rheon also took the time to thank the fans for their reaction to his Game of Thrones death. Time reported that Rheon said he was touched by the messages from people who recognize him as an actor and not as Ramsay Bolton. He also said that he was grateful for the four seasons that he could turn Ramsay Bolton into one of Game of Thrones’ most despised villains.

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