JoJo Fletcher Threatened To Quit ‘Bachelorette’ During Filming: What Upset Her That Much?

JoJo Fletcher is doing a great job as The Bachelorette, but it turns out this season almost didn’t happen. A source is now revealing that during the filming of the show, JoJo actually threatened to quit the show and never finish the season. This would have been a huge problem for ABC, and luckily JoJo decided to stick it out. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what upset JoJo so much that she almost gave up on the show.

At first, when JoJo started on the show, she was really excited about it all and thought she had found love. The next thing that happened was that JoJo heard some rumors that a few of the guys were not totally honest with her about what had gone down in their past. The source went on to explain the details of why JoJo almost quit.

“She thought the show was using her for ratings because they cast such jerks. She told producers she was done with the show and wanted to go home.”

The three guys that JoJo Fletcher has been questioning the most are Robby Hayes, Jordan Rogers, and Grant Kemp. The thing is that all of these guys allegedly left pretty serious relationships so that they could go on the show and meet JoJo. After that, the source went on to share a bit more, saying “Watching the show on TV has made JoJo see that so many of the guys are totally different people than they claimed. It’s like a kick in the gut. She’s realizing that they were just really good actors and that her instincts were right. Maybe she should have left.”

People shared that there is a lot of talk about if JoJo Fletcher will find love in the end or if she will end up getting her heart broken. The preview for the finale episode shows that JoJo isn’t guaranteed to find love at the end of the season. In the finale, JoJo is seen saying, “Coming into this, I wanted to find love. And I found it with a man that will not be able to love me in the way I said I wanted to be loved.” JoJo Fletcher is very obviously upset when she is talking about this on the clip.

JoJo Fletcher then goes on to say, “I fell in love with you and I still love you, but what you did to me – it’s not right. But I wanted you to know it’s really hard for me to not accept this love.” After that, she reveals that she said goodbye to a man that she loves. It looks like JoJo Fletcher ends up falling in love with both of the final two the same way that Ben Higgins did on his season of the show. Ben and Lauren are still going strong, so it could easily work out for JoJo, as well.

As the Inquisitr already shared, Reality Steve says that JoJo Fletcher finds love in the end. Steve revealed that she picks one guy, and he proposes to her in the end. If this is true, that means that JoJo may have had a hard time during this season, but it all works out for her in the end. It seems like she is still with the person she chose, but fans are going to have to wait for JoJo to share all about how things are going when the season is over.

Are you surprised to hear that JoJo Fletcher almost quit The Bachelorette? Do you think that JoJo made the right decision by sticking it out? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABC.

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