Maya Rudolph’s Sweet Note Exchange With President Obama; Sings New ‘Vagina Jingle’

Maya Rudolph is much more than a comedian. Dubbed as the funniest woman currently on television, Maya Rudolph has a fantastic ability to change her looks and speak in a variety of accents. In fact, her command of many accents, along with her musical talents, earned her the opportunity to join the cast of Saturday Night Live, where she was able to portray celebrities from various ethnicities with just a change of wigs.

The talented Maya Rudolph also dressed up as President Barack Obama to impersonate him on the show. And even though her impression did not make it to the air, Maya Rudolph happened to meet Barack Obama later in person when he actually appeared on the show. And this wasn’t the only encounter that Maya Rudolph had with Barack Obama. Rolling Stone reports that Maya Rudolph appeared on the Late Night with Seth Meyers show and narrated her latest pseudo-encounter with President Obama to host Seth Meyers.

Recently, Obama was given Maya’s dressing room in the NBC studios as he was scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show. And since Maya was prohibited from using her room due to security reasons, the comedian penned down a sweet message which urged President Obama to make himself at home:

“Hi President Obama, welcome… mi casa es su casa [my house is your house].”

President Obama returned the favor and surprised Maya by writing a letter that was accompanied by Presidential-branded chocolates. In his letter, President Obama thanked Maya for allowing him to relax on her couch. This gesture of Obama made him world’s coolest president, according to Maya.

Maya Rudolph’s singing talent and comedy style have made her the brand ambassador of Seventh Generation, a household and personal care company that produces products that are organic and environmentally safe. Maya was a part of the company’s “Come Clean” marketing campaign that aimed to redefine what “clean” really means to the customers, enabling them to build healthy homes. Now, Maya Rudolph is back again promoting the company’s tampons and menstrual pads with her “vajingle,” or “vagina jingle;” a weirdly funny and catchy little jingle which focuses on the lack of chemicals in the company’s tampons and other products.

Maya Rudolph drives across the point that it is safe to use organic tampons that are made of cotton rather than using the ones that are made of chlorine and rayon. According to Co.Create, Maya’s voice soars high as she speaks about the ill-effects of chemicals on her “hoo-ha” or “vajayjay.”

“Hey, Mr. Chemical, stay away from my vajayjay. That’s my vagina jingle y’all. My vajingle.”

Maya’s peculiar sense of humor and comedy style was leveraged to promote the jingle that was directed by Matt Piedmont.

More recently, Maya Rudolph has joined forces with fellow comedian Martin Short to entertain audiences with the same sense of humor in Maya & Marty, a new television variety show that premiered on NBC. The show will feature various comedy impressions, musical performances, and interviews with celebrity guests. According to Washington Post, the new show is not as good as it might have been, as some of the performances aren’t funny, and the skits of Martin Short are ineffective.

However, it is the comedy of Maya Rudolph that has kept the show going on. Maya gives it her all and easily makes the audience laugh through her goofy accents and comical gestures. And Maya has also proved to be a wonderful host by supporting and cheering a wide range of performers; even if the performance turns out to be a meager one.

For many Americans, seeing Maya Rudolph on the television was cheerful enough to pull them out of their gloom that was brought about by the Orlando shooting and the disturbing rhetoric on the political front. Ultimately, at this juncture, audiences want to be entertained by someone like Maya Rudolph who will make them laugh and forget about the serious issues in the world, even if just for a little while.

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