Selena Gomez Is Thrifty When It Comes To Her Beauty And Food Choices

Selena Gomez is young, talented, and beautiful. She also has all the money in the world. With a reported net worth of $45 million, Selena is free to splurge on luxury beauty products and dine at the best restaurants. But surprisingly enough, the 23-year-old singer is just like the rest of us when she shops and eats out.

Gomez just showed off her hot new look on her Revival Tour. Now you can find out the exact mascara she uses to look effortless on stage. Gomez’s makeup artist Melissa Murdick, who is traveling with the singer, dished to Teen Vogue about her must-have beauty product. Murdick says that Gomez uses Covergirl Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara by Lashblash in Black — and it’s only $6.00 on Amazon and participating drug stores.

“It gives just the right amount of build to lash while staying weightless. Because it’s not an overly waxy formula and it’s waterproof, it won’t smudge.”

As for Selena’s gorgeous hair, she uses Pantene products since she’s currently the spokesperson for the brand. One of her favorite products from the line is Pantene Air Spray, which is a new alcohol-free hairspray.

“I’m addicted to Pantene Air Spray,” she revealed to Teen Vogue.

Selena recently showed off her honey blonde highlights and freshly clipped bangs on Instagram. Celebrity hair stylist Melissa Peverini told Fox News that fringe was all the rage on the Paris and London runways for this spring and summer. Keep in mind that bangs don’t flatter everyone, but the stylist says that Selena’s are just right.

“It made her face look less round, more mature and very sexy!” Peverini added.

Don’t let anyone steer you wrong, because Gomez’s bans are all real. Hair stylist Marissa Marino’s agent confirmed the news with Cosmopolitan on Wednesday, June 8.

“Yes the bangs are 100% real. Marissa and Selena really wanted to switch it up and give her a fun edgier look for the summer!”

Selena Gomez is also paying homage to her Latina roots in an all-new Spanish commercial for Pantene. The new clip features the singer talking about the benefits of the shampoo and conditioner in Spanish. Selena tosses her signature dark brown hair around as she wears a white halter-style dress. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

When it comes to eating, Selena is not shy when it comes to her love for fast food. Although she has a personal trainer with her on tour, she still indulges in cheap and easy meals once in a while. Selena took to social media to share a clip of her enjoying a Happy Meal at McDonald’s. In the clip, Selena is heard telling a friend that she just had McDonald’s the week before.

And in her latest segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, she revealed that she often finds herself ending up at the drive-thru window. Of course, Gomez and Corden ended up on their own fast-food run. Gomez ordered a ranch BLT with grilled or crispy chicken, medium fries, and a Coke.

As they chatted, Selena revealed her healthy morning habit which is either drinking or eating ginger. It has many benefits such as boosting your immunity and fighting inflammation.

“I like ginger shots,” she said. “I actually like to eat a piece of ginger every morning. It’s so good.”

Gomez then demonstrated how she downs a ginger shot. Then she handed a mini bottle to Corden, telling him to take it “down the hatch.”

After chugging it, she said, “It’s killing everything inside — all of the bad things.”

But James look disgusted after he downed it. If you want to get healthy like Selena, then check out this easy and affordable recipe on the Well + Good article.

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