Dario: Pop Singer Announces 2016 Tour, TigerHeat Performance

Singer and dance phenomenon Dario is gearing up for his 2016 U.S. tour, along with a scheduled performance at the famous TigerHeat @ Avalon Club in Los Angeles, on June 30.

Dario, a Tuscon, Arizona, native now living in Los Angeles, has been working in the music industry for more than a decade, and the charismatic singer’s career is currently taking off to new heights. His 2015 album, REVolution, hit the No. 1 digital spot on Amazon within a week of its release. The album’s single, “Save You,” landed on the Billboard’s Top 40 Dance Chart.

In May, the pop singing sensation released his latest album, Alpha. He’s been on a whirlwind of success following its debut, including breaking into the Billboard 200 at No. 94, on June 8.

Although he has an understandably hectic schedule, Dario was kind of enough to answer some questions about his influences, stories behind his songs, and his determination in the music industry.

For those who haven’t heard the album yet, can you tell them what kind of music you create and what they can expect to hear?

“Thank you so much—it took a lot of work and a talented team to help me accomplish that, and it’s completely worth it! The album, and my music in general, is definitely an eclectic mix of genres: Pop, R&B, Soul, Rock, Dance and a tiny dash of Latin rhythm. I’m a little bit of everything and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I see that you’ve been in the music business for quite a while; over a decade! Who are your musical influences and can you give me a little background on how you got started in the industry?

“Oh my goodness, I have so many musical influences! Marvin Gaye, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera—all fantastic vocalists, and the list goes on. Michael Jackson was definitely one of my biggest influences; the way he shaped pop music and changed it forever is nothing short of amazing.

“I remember watching him on TV as a kid, and noticing how he commanded the audience and made everyone so happy. I knew at that moment that I wanted to do that for the rest of my life. I thought back to that during my very first open mic night as a singer. It felt indescribable to hear an audience react to my music and voice. And ever since that night, my life has been crazy!”

Let’s go back a bit to your REVolution album. I particularly enjoyed your song “Backlash.” It has a strong, positive, message, especially (in my opinion) for those in the younger generation who constantly face scrutiny for being different.

Although you may have been conveying a message about staying strong in the music industry, this also seems to be a constructive and beneficial song for the LGBT community, especially when watching the video. Do you have any advice for young people these days who may be going through tough situations with backlash themselves?

“First off thank you for watching the video. I love that you picked up exactly what I was trying to say! When I wrote ‘Backlash,’ I was in the middle of the ‘Evolution Tour’ and I felt extremely blessed. I was grateful for the success I was having, but the crazy thing is that whenever someone is happy and successful, there’s always someone that wants to bring them down.

“For me it happened online—on blogs and certain websites—where all people wanted to talk about was what a horrible artist I am and how I’m a disgrace to the music industry. I decided that instead of shooting back and getting into a useless argument that would go nowhere, I would take their quotes and use them as a way to build anyone up who has ever gone or been through that. I believe that from negativity you can pull inspiration and find strength to keep you moving and uplifted—and that’s what I did.”

Dario is slated to start a nationwide tour to promote his new album, Alpha. [Photo by Sheri Determan]
Dario is slated to start a nationwide tour to promote his new album, Alpha. [Photo by Sheri Determan]
Jumping forward to your current album, Alpha. You’re getting a lot of positive reception from critics and fans alike, so congratulations again on that. Your song “Try It” seems to be about taking chances and exploring love, mixed with a unique pop, soul, and dance combination. What was the inspiration behind it?

” ‘Try It’ was actually not supposed to be released; it almost didn’t make the album at all. Somehow my marketing guys got a hold of a copy and called me up one night to tell me ‘Try It’ is the single!

“When I was originally writing ‘Try It’ with my production team, we were just joking around—one of the writers Charlie Snyder and my producer John Silos were talking about how incompatibility messes with relationships. I playfully said, ‘Just try it, you’ll like it, I promise you,’ and the song was born. I love that people are responding to it and making it their own, which is what I love about music. Find your own interpretation and make it yours.”

I just saw a clip for your album release party. It looks like you’ve had a busy year so far! What is your typical week like these days? Do you ever get time to relax? What do you do in your spare time?

“Honestly, as soon as we started working on Alpha my life got hectic, but in a good way! Right now I’m doing the necessary promotion to get the word out about the new album; I’m in rehearsals prepping for the tour; and I’m also meeting with the creative director of the show about the concept and theme of my stage show.

“There are so many moving pieces when you release an album that your days all become one. I’m not sleeping as much as I prefer, and I’m constantly busy. But I love what I do and I’m not complaining! For now, I’ll have to do my relaxing on plane rides when we’re traveling, because once we arrive we hit the ground running.

TigerHeat is one the biggest clubs/club promoters in Los Angeles. What can fans expect from your upcoming TigerHeat @ Avalon performance on June 30?

“I’m so honored to have been asked to perform at TigerHeat. So many artists that I admire have performed on that stage and have gone on to do amazing things; I can’t wait! As far as the show goes, I guess you’ll just have to come out and see it. There will be great music, costumes, lots of lighting and confetti; you don’t want to miss it! I promise you (pun intended LOL)!”

How about any tour dates? Where else can the fans see you?

“We’re still in the middle of booking the tour, but I do know that we will be in Hollywood on June 30 and New Mexico July 23, as well as making stops across the rest of the country through September 2016. Then, we head over to Asia in October. But you can get all the latest updates at darioonline.com.”

Dario is a strong advocate for LGBT rights, and stands behind allowing everyone, regardless of their preferences, to be who they are without discrimination. His inspirational attitude, matched with a charismatic smile, good looks, and soulful vocals has no doubt played a hand in gaining him a mass of fans across the world. He cares about today’s generation and is passionate about changing the world for the better.

“Today’s generation are responsible for the changes being made in the world. They are the ones that are going to change everything so that in a couple years we no longer have ignorance and hatred all around us.”

For ticket details and additional information on Dario’s upcoming TigerHeat @ Avalon performance, visit the official Bands in Town website.

[Photo by Sheri Determan]

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