Bethenny Frankel Fired From The ‘RHONY’? Producers Are Done With The ‘Havoc’ She Creates Behind-The-Scenes

Is Bethenny Frankel’s time on the Real Housewives of New York over?

Radar Online is reporting that Frankel’s antics behind-the-scenes has caused producers to re-think her involvement on the show. Apparently, they are ready to fire her because of bad behavior.

“Producers aren’t happy with her,” a source told the outlet. “They believe she is self-producing the show, and they are fed up!”

The biggest contention between Frankel and producers is her desire to direct how things unfold on the show. Considering her control problems, even her fellow cast members want her out.

“She has led all the cast members to believe she has serious control of the show given her celeb status… She’s using her pseudo-clout so much that she has refused to film with certain people.”

The one individual whom Frankel will not work alongside is Sonja Morgan. Frankel and Morgan have fought nonstop this season over their respective business ventures in the wine industry.

“They’ve had issues on the show,” the source added. “But as part of Real Housewives storylines, the women need to try to talk or come to resolutions, which Bethenny refuses do. She’s putting everything in jeopardy.”

Of course, whether or not Frankel’s behavior will lead to her exit is another matter. After all, her return to the series did boost ratings and provided plenty of drama.

Skinnygirl Mogul Bethenny Frankel Shades 'RHONY' Newbie Jules Wainstein For Being Too Thin [Image via Bravo]
Bethenny Frankel and newbie Jules Wainstein [Image via Bravo]
That being said, the insider noted that RHONY stars in the past have been dismissed for similar behavior. Does this mean that Frankel is on her way out?

“Cast members have been known to not come back after pulling stunts like this,” the source stated. “And Bethenny is no different.”

The conflict between Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan reached new heights after Morgan opened up her own Tipsy Girl bar and restaurant this past week. According to PageSix, Morgan has big plans for a line of Prosecco, which closely resembles the name of Frankel’s brand, Skinnygirl.

“He wants it to be a place [where] everyone feels comfortable and at home with great food, drinks, and friends,” a rep shared, referencing Morgan’s business partner, Peter Guimaraes. “No pretentious staff with attitudes like so many other hot spots in this city. When you come to Tipsy Girl, you become part of the family and treated as such.”

Morgan plans on opening more Tipsy Girl locations in L.A., Las Vegas, and Miami in the near future.

'RHONY' Bethenny Frankel Slams Sonja Morgan Over Tipsy Girl Feud, 'I Don't Want Anything To Do With You' [Image via Bravo]
The Battle of the Booze is not the first time that Bethenny Frankel and Sonja Morgan have clashed. [Image via Bravo]
Frankel has yet to comment on Morgan’s latest business move, though she probably didn’t take the news very well.

Meanwhile, Reality Tea reports that the drama this season got personal after Jules Wainstein announced her divorce from her husband, Michael. In her latest Bravo blog, Frankel addressed the sad breakup news.

“It’s looking like Jules and Michael are having some trouble in paradise. That I don’t miss, and that I don’t envy. I do ‘suck at relationships,’ but I’d rather be solo than [sic] feel like that,” Frankel wrote. “Tensions have arisen over there.”

According to Star Pulse, Frankel has been engaged in a messy divorce with Jason Hoppy over the past few years.

Although Frankel was saddened by the divorce news, she did write that this season has been her favorite so far.

“What can I tell you? The ratings are flying, the drama is real, and I give zero f***s if people love or hate me. This is a reality show and in dealing with this particular group of women, THIS is my reality,” Frankel explained. “I’m happier than ever and enjoying the success of the show. I give it my truth, and that’s all I can promise.”

New episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

Whose side are you on in the Battle of the Booze — Bethenny Frankel or Sonja Morgan? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Bravo]

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