‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale: Cersei’s Trial, Jon Snow and Sansa’s Enemies, Creepy Littlefinger

Warning: Game of Thrones season 6 episode 10: spoilers, synopsis, video trailer and predictions will be featured in this article.

As the North recovers from the epic Battle of the Bastards, the preview for the Season 6 Game of Thrones finale, “The Winds of Winter,” suggests that we may be in for another blood bath, as the last episode this season is expected to future Cersei’s trial, a dinner with the Frey’s and Jamie Lannister, and Ser Davos seeking justice for Shireen’s death.

Last season, we saw Cersei Lannister take the walk of shame. The queen mother’s plan to have a trial by combat has been thwarted by the cunning High Sparrow, who convinced King Tommen to outlaw the practice. The preview for the finale shows the beginning of the trial proceeding, and it is unlikely that Cersei is going to accept her fate without a fight. Her guilt pertaining to her incestuous relationship with Jamie is almost certain, and her cousin Lancel Lannister’s testimony against her will likely seal her fate.

The Game of Thrones finale preview features a creepy Littlefinger presumably calling in his favor from Sansa. He has expressed his love for her, and with his help being crucial in securing Winterfell, it is likely that he is asking for her hand in marriage. A mature and hardened Sansa has emerged as the smartest Stark still living. She understands what is at stake and may keep Littlefinger happy to protect her ancestral homeland.

Jon Snow is probably not too happy that he wasn’t informed that Sansa had arranged for Petyr Baelish’s Vale army to help win the battle. The finale promo shows Lord Snow asking that Sansa have trust in him moving forward.

In the North, an emotional Ser Davos confronts Melisandre about Shireen’s murder in the name of Stannis Baratheon. The Game of Thrones finale trailer hints that Davos is seeking a confession and Jon Snow will have the final say on how the situation is handled.

Tyrion Lannister has seen first-hand the treacherous and murderous game played in the seven kingdoms. He gives Daenerys a stern warning about what she is about to get herself into. He has proven to be an invaluable asset and moral guide to the Mother of Dragons. The promo suggest that the Targaryen will be making a decision on whether she is going to set sail to Westeros or stay in Meereen.

A useless Walder Frey seems pleased with himself in the promo for the Game of Thrones finale. The trailer shows him toasting to victory at Riverrun stating: “the Frey’s and the Lannister’s send their regards.” Jamie Lannister, who is a Stark sympathizer, may decide to cut the Freys loose, as he doesn’t look too pleased in the teaser. With Tywin dead, Jamie has more autonomy as to what happens with the Lannister army and crucial decision making.

Bran Stark is also featured in the teaser and his visions may have the answer to many fan theories of the past, present and future of the series. We may find out who Jon Snow’s mother truly is and the fate of the North.

It is likely that the North will rally around Sansa Stark and Jon Snow now that they have reclaimed Winterfell. It is unlikely that Cersei will harm Tommen to save herself, but the naive boy king may soon meet his end by other means. The Red Priestess may face justice at the hands of Ser Davos, and Ser Loras may be the first to face death in the name of the High Sparrow in the finale of Game of Thrones Season 6.

Game of Thrones season 6 episode 10 will air on Monday June 27 next week.

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