‘New Girl’ Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers: Hannah Simone Reveals What’s Next For Cece And Schmidt

With the way things ended between Nick and Jess in the Season 5 finale of New Girl, fans of the hit Fox comedy series cannot wait to find out what will happen in Season 6 when the series returns this September. In her recent interview, Hannah Simone, who plays Cece on the show, revealed that she is also excited to know what’s next for Nick and Jess, as well as for Cece and Schmidt (Max Greenfield).

Speaking to Wet Paint, Hannah Simone said that she also had no idea what Liz Meriwether has in store for fans when New Girl returns for Season 6. The actress shared that it is actually one of the things she loved most about the show, its unpredictability.

“The greatest thing about New Girl is that you never can predict what is next! I am as excited as everyone else to see what our writers have in store.”

Simone said that they would start filming New Girl Season 6 later this summer. Hopefully, we would all get to see more of the newlywed couple in the coming episodes. When asked how she felt about filming the big wedding scene in the finale, Simone said that what she loved most about it was seeing the whole gang together again.

“It felt like a great full circle moment,” she said.

In a previous interview with Us Weekly, Simone fondly talked about Cece and Schmidt’s relationship. She found it endearing that they were actually a normal couple trying to deal with the crazy world around them. She explained that the way their characters cope with all that is happening is what makes the story even more hilarious. After all that they have been through, Simone believed that Cece and Schmidt would be together until the very end. She also teased that New Girl fans may eventually get to see mini me’s running around the loft.

“I feel like in 10 years, they’d probably be together still. Still very happy, probably exhausted, probably with a bunch of weird kids!”

Does this mean that Cece and Schmidt will still live with the rest of the gang? Simone said that she would not be surprised if they would end up living in the loft with their own little family. The actress also joked that Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) will be the best babysitters around. Not the same, however, can be said about Johnson’s character.

“Nick would be like the uncle that you’re just, like, ‘Stop giving me candy. Please. Like, every bad habit is because of you, Uncle Nick!'” Simone said.

While Cece and Schmidt’s relationship is moving forward, Nick and Jess’s is about to get even more complicated. Now that Jess has finally realized her true feelings for Nick, what is going to happen next?

Creator and showrunner Liz Meriwether told The Hollywood Reporter that New Girl Season 6 is going to be all about Nick and Jess once again. She explained that their relationship has always been the “heart of the show.” Meriwether added that having Sam (David Walton) and Reagan (Megan Fox) was necessary to move Nick and Jess’ story forward.

“We’re trying to figure out a way to reintroduce the dynamic but in a new way… I think we’re going back into that story area, but hopefully with growth for both characters and a new dynamic that will still give us some tension between them,” Meriwether explained.

New Girl Season 6 premieres September 20 on Fox. Tune in for more spoilers and cast updates.

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