Iggy Azalea Says She Didn’t Have Nick Young’s Car Towed Or Kick Him Out Of House

Iggy Azalea wants her fans to know that she is moving on—and out. Just hours after photos surfaced of a towing company hauling a blue Chevy Impala out of the driveway of the home that she shared with ex-fiancé Nick Young, Azalea took to Twitter to set the record straight that she didn’t have Nick’s stuff tossed and towed.

“I never had anyone’s car towed nor did I kick Nick out of ‘my’ house,” Iggy tweeted. “The home belongs to Nick, I am the one moving. Thanks.”

When online photos showed furniture and other possessions piled in the former couple’s driveway, many people assumed Iggy Azalea had kicked Nick Young out. According to E! News, Iggy gave her fiancé the vintage 1962 Impala as a Christmas gift in 2014, so the paparazzi photos of the car on the tow truck made it seem as though she had the car hauled away. While E! later revealed that Swaggy P’s retro ride was being towed away to get repaired for mechanical issues, another source told TMZ that Iggy actually struck a deal with Nick to keep the car.

The celebrity gossip site reported that the Lakers star got Iggy’s 10.43-karat engagement ring back, and he agreed to let Iggy keep the classic car. While the ring is valued at a half million dollars, the car that Iggy gifted to her ex is valued at about $100K if it’s in immaculate condition.

Nick may have thought he was being nice to Iggy by letting her have the car, or else he didn’t understand the law. California law dictates that an engagement ring is a gift in contemplation of marriage, and if the wedding never takes place, by law the ring goes back to whoever bought it. The Impala was a Christmas gift and wasn’t tied to a marriage, so technically he didn’t have to give it back to Iggy.

In addition to the car confusion, a locksmith was spotted changing locks at the house on Tuesday. While Iggy Azalea has confirmed that she is the one moving out after ending her engagement exactly one year after the NBA star proposed to her, Young didn’t look happy when he pulled into his driveway to see Iggy’s mid-move madness.

Young has been mostly silent on the subject of his split from the Aussie rapper, simply tweeting the word “Single” after Iggy Azalea’s post-split Instagram message to her fans over the weekend. In her message, Iggy revealed that while she still loves Nick, she has been unable to rebuild her trust in him after the cheating scandal that rocked their relationship three months ago.

The trouble in Iggy’s relationship started a few months ago after a video surfaced of her fiancé boasting about his hookups with other women behind her back. Iggy Azalea initially stood by her man, even telling talk show host Ellen DeGeneres there were no problems at home.

“We’re good,” Azalea said a few weeks after the scandal broke. “There isn’t [controversy] at home just on the Internet.”

But it now appears that Iggy was unable to resolve her trust issues with her former fiancé. In fact, insiders told E! that Iggy and Nick were never the same after the video of him bragging about his conquests was leaked.

“[Iggy] was questioning so many things about what he was doing since that was leaked,” a source told E! News.

Another source said Azalea’s questioning “was driving Nick crazy,” and the relationship “just was not the same” after the video leak.

Iggy Azalea may be moving out of the digs she shared with her ex, but she seems ready for a fresh start, telling fans that she is starting with a “blank page” when it comes to her future.

Take a look at the video below for more on Iggy Azalea’s breakup.

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