Brooks Ayers Says He, Under Pressure From Vicki Gunvalson, Showed Fake Medical Doc To Protect Privacy

Brooks Ayers was thrust back in the limelight when Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered on Monday night. His ex, Vicki Gunvalson, maintained that she played no part in him faking his cancer. She maintained that her only crime was to believe in a man she loved very much. Meanwhile, most of Vicki’s co-stars, namely Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge, felt that Vicki still wasn’t being honest about her role in the whole cancer drama that played out last season.

After the premiere episode aired, Brooks defended himself against a barrage of criticism on social media. One person asked Brooks how he can work in healthcare sales when he lied about having cancer. Brooks responded that he didn’t lie about having cancer but did show fake medical documents last season because he wasn’t going to be bullied into showing medical records.

In response to viewers who tweeted that Brooks has faked cancer before and fooled other women, Brooks responded that it’s all lies and misinformation.

Brooks pointed out that ABC retracted the story that it did regarding him and one of his exes after the ex was caught lying to the network. Brooks added that the matter was settled out of court.

Brooks said that his ex misled everyone about him claiming that he had nose cancer.

Brooks, who was, and perhaps still is, viewed by some of Vicki’s co-stars, her daughter Briana, and some viewers as someone who took advantage of Vicki financially, even denied that Vicki brought him new teeth.

When the viewer didn’t believe Brooks, he challenged her to go right ahead and ask Vicki.

Indeed, in a blog post from June 2012, Vicki wrote that Brooks paid, all on his own, for his teeth to be straightened and for veneers put in at her encouragement.

Brooks also denied that he would ever con Vicki. Brooks added that there won’t be any more drama from The Real Housewives of Orange County for him.

In the midst of all the criticism, Brooks Ayers did have one very vocal supporter. A man who described himself as one of Brooks’ best friends and who is battling colon cancer himself lashed out at Vicki Gunvalson’s co-star and former friend Shannon Beador. Brooks’ friend, Reed, tweeted to Shannon and that and her cheating hubby, David Beador, should know the facts before accusing people of faking cancer. Reed added that Brooks never faked his cancer.

Reed added that Brooks only showed fake medical documents to protect his privacy.

Last season, Brooks, with Vicki sitting next to him, showed Tamra Judge a document that purportedly showed he had a mass growing from cancer. Astute viewers wrote on social media and blogs that the document looked fake, pointing out that some of the medical words didn’t have correct spacing. Later on, co-star Meghan King Edmonds revealed that she called the center that Brooks supposedly went to and they told her that they don’t offer the kind of service that Brooks said that he received.

Brooks re-tweeted both tweets from his friend. When a viewer criticized Reed as immature, Brooks defended his friend.

Vicki is apparently still involved with Brooks, at least for charity. Reed posted a photo of himself wearing a #KillAllCancer bracelet while getting treatment.

When someone tweeted that Brooks and Vicki’s charity is under investigation, Reed responded that he knows them both personally, not just through TV.

Vicki is actually the co-founder of the charity Through the website, people can buy the bracelet as seen on Brooks’ friend. In a video that plays on the homepage, Vicki pledges that all money raised through the website will go to charities that raise awareness of and fight cancer.

On Tuesday morning, Brooks posted a quote about laughing at the confusion, smiling through the tears, and reminding oneself that everything happens for a reason. Is Brooks right now trying to ignore his critics and reminding himself that everything that happened with Vicki happened for a reason? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Brooks said in late May that his life is good now.

Brooks also re-tweeted a blog site’s article that claimed that Vicki is still very much in contact with Brooks and wants him back. The article quoted a “source in production” as stating that Vicki told Brooks that she wants him back.

“Brooks and Vicki are absolutely still in communication. In fact, last week, they had MULTIPLE phone conversations…Regardless of what Vicki is putting out in the press, she absolutely wants Brooks back and has told him that herself.”

The source also said that Brooks was pressured by Vicki, wanting sympathy, to share his cancer story and that he showed fake medical documents to protect his privacy.

On The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 premiere episode, Vicki revealed that despite the fact that she sobbed and begged Brooks to stay when he left, she has now fully moved on from him. After the premiere episode ended, Vicki appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live, where she said that the last time she talked to Brooks was “a long time ago” and that she blocked his number. Yet she added that he can still contact her at her office since they have some “unfinished business.”

Despite the drama that came with being on Real Housewives with Vicki Gunvalson, is Brooks Ayers possibly returning to reality TV? Last Tuesday, Brooks tweeted that he enjoyed watching the E! show Famously Single.

Brooks later directly contacted that host of the show, Dr. Darcy Sterling.

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