How Long Has Mindy Jessop Lived With The ‘Sister Wives’ Brown Family?

The rumor mill has been working overtime recently in regard to whether or not TLC’s Sister Wivesstar, Kody Brown, has been chasing after Mindy Jessop. The rumor suggests Kody is interested in making Mindy Jessop his fifth wife. Many believe Kody is in the search for a fifth wife so he can ensure Sister Wives is renewed for another season. Fans are wondering, “how long has Mindy Jessop really been living with the Brown family?”

Kody Brown, “president” of the Brown family, as he referred to himself in last week’s episode of Sister Wives, is the husband in a polygamist family of 23. Kody has four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, as well as 18 children ranging in age from five months to 22-years-old. When the Brown family first decided to make their polygamist lifestyle public, Kody was in the middle of courting his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Fans were enthralled as they watched how Kody’s three current wives dealt with Kody courting a fourth wife.

Ratings for Sister Wives began to dwindle after Kody and Robyn married and settled into normal life, but an unexpected scandal brought new life to the show. First wife, Meri Brown, was discovered to be involved in an online emotional affair. The scandal grew even larger when it was revealed that the man she had fallen in love with was actually a woman that was catfishing Meri. The catfishing scandal revived Sister Wives for a while, but interest in the show began to wear off and ratings started to drop again.

It’s not known who started the rumor that Kody was interested in Mindy Jessop, but fans and naysayers alike believe it was an attempt to give the show a new breath of life and generate more interest. Mindy, who has been present in several of this season’s episodes of Sister Wives, has only played a minor role in the show. It wasn’t until this recent rumor started that fans started really looking into who Mindy really is. Mindy is actually the step-niece of fourth wife, Robyn Brown. She has been described on Sister Wives as being the nanny to Robyn’s younger children, and Mindy lives at Robyn’s house.

Fans had never really heard of Mindy Jessop until this season, but a look back at Mindy’s Twitter account shows that she has been actively involved with the Brown family since at least March 2013. Mindy’s Twitter feed is filled with photos of her and the Brown children. It is uncertain the exact amount of time Mindy has been living in Robyn’s house, but it is clear she has been in Las Vegas for a minimum of three years and has been present at many Brown family events.

As to whether or not Mindy Jessop is really being courted by Kody Brown to fill the role of fifth wife, there has been no official word from Mindy Jessop, the Brown family, or TLC. The Inquisitr shared a report today, though, that Mindy used her Twitter account to hint that the rumors were, in fact, not true. Mindy shared the following photo on June 20.

Are you surprised to hear Mindy has been actively involved with the Brown family for much longer than Sister Wives fans were led to believe? Why do you think she was never part of the show prior to this season? Do you think there could be any truth to the rumor that Kody is looking at Mindy Jessop to be his fifth wife? Do you think this “rumor” was all a ploy to increase ratings for Sister Wives? Leave your feedback in the comments below and tune in for the tell-all season finale of Sister Wives on Sunday at 8/7c on TLC.

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