Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Reveals Sad News For Fans

For 47 years, Aerosmith has been entertaining fans with their unique brand of rock and roll and, while Steven Tyler has, in the past, assured fans that Aerosmith’s wild ride was far from over, the lead singer has revealed that Aerosmith will be retiring after all. Like many other retiring acts, the Steven Tyler led group will take it on the road one last time to say farewell and to thank fans for the decades of memorable concert performances.

Steven Tyler Announces The Coming Of The End For Aerosmith

The Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM was the setting for the shocking news that Aerosmith would be embarking on a 2017 farewell tour, as revealed by Steven Tyler. The news may not be much of a surprise to those following Tyler’s solo projects, however. Many have been suspecting this move to retire Aerosmith ever since Steven began talking about plans to jumpstart a solo career, creating music in the country music genre. In fact, Tyler was on Stern’s radio show to promote the release of his first country album, We’re All Somebody From Somewhere and the solo tour he has planned for that album.

While Tyler says that the idea of a farewell tour was something the Aerosmith band members have been toying with for the past few years, he says fans shouldn’t get too upset over the news. Even Steven admits that the Aerosmith farewell tour “will probably last forever,” leaving the impression that the Aerosmith band members really just want to hit the road. Steven Tyler and company may just be eager to play live and possibly could have considered using the idea of a farewell tour as an excuse for hitting the road without putting out a new album.

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Teases A Renewed Passion For His Own Solo Projects

While Steven Tyler is exploring his passion for country music, Joe Perry is keeping with the rock genre with his project, the star-studded Hollywood Vampires, which, in addition to Perry, consists of band members Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, former Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum, and Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo. Joe has said that being involved with Aerosmith has left the individual band members very little time to do their own things and pursue their own interests, so this recent break has allowed each of them to follow their own dreams. While the Aerosmith lead guitarist is passionate about the Hollywood Vampires, he also expressed his admiration for Steven in following his own country music aspirations.

“He puts so much into Aerosmith, he’s never really given himself the time to do this, so it’s worked out really well for him,” Perry says of Tyler. “I don’t really hear from him much but I wouldn’t expect that I would considering he’s working on a record and doing gigs and the whole thing. But when things start gearing up, we start rehearsing for the South American tour, I’m sure we’ll start forming a plan for the next year or two or whatever.”

Aerosmith will always be a labor of love for each and every member of the band, but, as Perry suggests in his own comments, they all feel Aerosmith’s time has come. As opposed to wearing out their welcome, Joe says it feels like it’s the time for Aerosmith boys to ride off into the sunset.

“It’s getting to be about that time, but I’m really looking forward to the Vampires thing,” Perry said. “And I know Brad’s doing stuff with Derek and they’re buddies from way back. Everybody’s got stuff that they’re doing, so it’s kind of up the middle.”

Currently, Brad Whitford is on the road with Derek St. Holmes for a 19 date spring/summer tour.

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