‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Soon To Let Players Change Their Appearance, Dye Costumes In Upcoming Update

With the Dark Brotherhood now available across all platforms, The Elder Scrolls Online developers and players are looking forward to the next piece of downloadable content for their MMORPG. Today, developers announced the Shadows of the Hist DLC coming to The Elder Scrolls Online soon. This DLC comes in two parts, like all DLC for the MMO game, with a portion behind the DLC’s cost paywall and a free portion added with the base game patch.

Shadows of the Hist will open up two new dungeons for players that purchase it. These dungeons feature Argonian themes ready to challenge groups of four players. The dungeons are called Cradle of Shadows and Ruins of Mazzatun, and both dungeons include Normal and Veteran modes. In addition to the challenge of defeating and completing these new dungeons, players successful in conquering them will also find new monster masks as a reward according to the game’s official website.

Players will need to purchase the Shadows of the Hist DLC in order to tackle these new dungeons. However, no price point or release date is currently confirmed for the upcoming addition. Heroes of Tamriel will not need to purchase the imminent DLC for the content releasing in the base game patch alongside the release of Shadows of the Hist.

The Elder Scrolls Online
New hairstyle can be purchased from the Crown Store [Image via Bethesda]
The base game patch will offer a few new features to all players, including the ability to change a character’s appearance, race, and name. Although details on the process are scarce at the moment, it is said that players will need to purchase a token that will give them the option to alter their appearance, their name, or even their character’s race. It is not specified if the tokens needed to make these changes will require in-game gold or real world money.

Players will, however, definitely need Crowns to access over a dozen new customization options. New hairstyles and adornments are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store. For an undetermined amount of Crowns, players will be able to purchase new hairstyles, adornments, and body markings from the Crown Store. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the Crown Store updates each month with new offerings. Hopefully these customization options will be around for an extended period of time. Perhaps they will be permanent additions like the new character slot offerings recently added to the Crown Store.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Regions in the ‘Dark Brotherhood’ DLC already scale players [Image via Bethesda]
Finally, the last customization option coming to the game in the next update will likely let players dye costumes. Although briefly mentioned in the official preview for Shadows of the Hist and its base game patch, using dyes on costumes is blatantly mentioned as part of the update. New motifs, new item sets, and other improvements are also noted.

The base game patch coming to The Elder Scrolls Online will also make a few changes trials across all platforms. Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, and Dragonstar Arena will all be scaled for max level with new rewards. Hel Ra Citadel and the Aetherian Archive will even feature Normal and Veteran modes. Another major change coming to the game with the Shadows of the Hist DLC releases is a new way to chat on consoles. Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will notice the introduction of text chat in addition to the existing voice chat.

The forthcoming DLC is not the only thing about to change the way players enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online. As announced at this year’s E3 event, battle leveling is coming to the entire world of Tamriel. Coined as “One Tamriel,” an update at a later date will introduce battle leveling to the entire base game instead of only being available in a few pieces of DLC. This change will make the entire world appropriate for leveling at any time. Not to mention, the One Tamriel update will remove the PvE restrictions on factions letting any player group with another regardless of faction or level. Find out more about One Tamriel on The Elder Scrolls Online website.

[Image via Bethesda]

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