Michelle Duggar Speaks Out On Why Jim Bob Is Such An Amazing Father

Michelle Duggar is speaking out about her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, and wants the world to know what an amazing husband he is to her. Michelle goes on to talk about how great Jim Bob is with their children. Michelle went to their family blog to share her thoughts and wish him a very happy Father’s Day. Michelle explained that she feels very blessed to be his wife and shared that he is a Godly example for their kids.

Michelle goes on to talk about how Jim Bob loves spending time with their children and with Michelle. It does look like Michelle and Jim Bob won’t be having anymore children, but she shared about having great memories of her time with him when they had infant children.

“I have sweet memories of you helping with our newborn babies, during those late night feedings. You would get up and change the baby’s diaper and then bring the baby to me to feed. Your gentle spirit shined bright through those sleep challenged nights.”

She went on to talk about how when they had a used car business, Jim Bob Duggar would let the kids help to wash the cars, and they loved getting to play with the hose. Michelle went on to explain how great things were when they had their towing business.

She said, “You would take a little ‘towing buddy’ along with you buckled in their car or booster seat, teaching them the names of streets and other trivia as if it were a fun game!”

Michelle Duggar talks about how their sons were taught to fix bicycles, and they would fix them up and then sell them in the front yard. Jim Bob Duggar would help out with all of this and teach the boys. Michelle explained that Jim Bob also used to take the kids on bike rides, and since she was usually pregnant, she would ride behind them, and the smaller kids would eventually get in with her.

After that, Michelle Duggar goes on to talk about the cheap ways that Jim Bob would have fun with the kids, including camping in the backyard with them or taking them all out for a drive and stopping at a playground. After that, she went on to explain that Jim Bob helped teach the kids so many things.

She explained, “You are teaching our children to work hard by your example! I love that you bring them along side of you as you work on cars or do construction work, house repairs or yard work. What a great idea it was when you decided to make our house building project a learning experience for our whole family! Our children learned valuable skills for life through that experience with you!”

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar been married for 32 years and have 19 children together. This family loves each other and are enjoying watching their older children as they move on and start their own families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have been through a lot over the years, especially with their son Josh Duggar’s scandal recently being revealed.

Christian Today shared that another victim actually just came forward saying that Josh also abused her when she was a teenager.

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