Netflix News: CW’s ‘The 100’ Season 3 Coming Soon

Netflix users and fans of the CW hit post-apocalyptic show The 100 can breathe a sigh of relief now that the network has made some new plans with the streaming giant. There had been news traveling down the pipe that The CW has been trying to renegotiate their terms with Netflix and is bringing rival streaming platform Hulu into the mix.

Now that Netflix and The CW have been able to work out their differences, according to Deadline, fans of The 100 are about win, big time. Not only are the CW shows going to be staying on Netflix, but episodes are going to be coming to the streaming platform quicker, season by season, and fans will not have to binge watch so obsessively between the release of Season 3 on Netflix and Season 4 on The CW.

The 100 is one those shows on the CW network that has a hit and miss audience. There have been some points where the show is really packing in the viewers, but other times when the ratings slide down. One thing that is definitely for certain, The 100 has a dedicated fanbase that never misses an episode of the show, whether it airs on the CW or streams on Netflix.

In the beginning of this major breaking deal, streaming platform Hulu had been streaming CW episodes the day after the broadcast airing with a cycle of the previous five shows on the current run. This would be good for fans of The 100 that might have missed an episode or two, here and there. But, it really made no difference for those fans who always wait for the shows to come to a streaming network like Netflix for the sole purpose of binge watching the season, or even the entire series, for that matter.

The CW has been trying to broaden its appeal to viewers in the streaming market. But, to do so, would mean they were searching for the right streaming platform that could offer them the most return on their investment.

All of the shows on The CW are produced and owned by their parent companies, which are Warner Bros. TV and CBS TV Studios. So, no matter what streaming platform they went to, all of the return would go into their own pockets. They have had a long and prosperous streaming relationship with Netflix, but they have also been able to do well with the Hulu deal as well.

In the end, Netflix wanted to shore up their commitment to The CW and give them the opportunity to really make their viewers happy. With Netflix striking a deal to contract with the CW for shows like The 100, they are not only asking for exclusive rights, but for faster availability.

So, in the new 5-year contract that has been struck between The CW and Netflix, not only do fans get to watch their favorite shows on the streaming giant, but they also get to see their shows come to Netflix much faster.

The time between when The 100 aired their Season 3 finale and the time that it gets released on Netflix will be significantly shorter than it was last year, when fans were chomping at the bit to see what happened next with the pseudo-cliffhanger that left many in the lurch after Season 2 showed Clarke going into exile following a fateful decision.

This year, the wait is going to be much different, since The 100 will be coming to Netflix much faster than it did last year. The move will give fans who have not had an opportunity to see the whole season a chance to catch up before Season 4 premieres.

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