Rosie O’Donnell Reunites With Daughter Chelsea For NYC Benefit

Rosie O’Donnell has reunited with her estranged daughter Chelsea. After months of heartbreak, the stand up comedian and personality has finally had the opportunity to reunite with her daughter Chelsea.

TMZ reports, Chelsea and Rosie’s other daughter, Vivienne, were spotted with their mother at a benefit in NYC for cancer. O’Donnell is pictured smiling with her two kids, and it looks as though the last few months never happened just going by the photo.

Of course, there was much drama in the O’Donnell household over the last year or so. Chelsea O’Donnell, 18, ran away to be with her boyfriend, 25, whom she met online. We later learned that her former boyfriend Steven Sheerer, had a sketchy past as a heroin dealer. At the time of her disappearance Chelsea was under age.

At the time of Chelsea’s disappearance, Rosie O’Donnell said her daughter was “mentally ill.” Once Chelsea was found and brought back home, after a week of being missing, O’Donnell ran away from her home again, but this time she left to be with her birth mother, but soon after she left for her boyfriend’s house.

Eventually, Chelsea O’Donnell went on record with Inside Edition to trash her adoptive mother. In the interview, she told the media that she did not love her mother, Rosie, and during the October, 2015, interview, she never referred to O’Donnell as her mother at all.

“Some of the things that have happened in the last few months I can’t get over or forgive her for. Kicking me out of the house, putting it out that I’m mentally unstable. I care about her and I hope she’s doing well. But love is a big word and I wouldn’t really use that.”

Chelsea gave another interview around the same time to the Daily Mail, to give more insights on what it was like growing up with Rosie O’Donnell. In the interview, her adoptive daughter said that Rosie is like two different people and called her a “phony.”

“I find her not genuine a lot of the time. When we’d go out, she was a completely different person in public than at home and I had a hard time with that. It’s like two different people.”

“I feel she should be her real self, who she really is. She has this public persona; she will put this big smile on her face and try to be funny. She would always go up to people and want to hold their babies in public. She had this happy, friendly side to her.”

She said when they’re at home she wouldn’t “engage” her children and would stay inside a room to watch documentaries “all day.” Chelsea continued, “And if we didn’t want to do what she wanted to do, it would cause a big issue.”

Chelsea also said that Rosie’s interest in staying home and isolating herself made it difficult while she was growing up.

“Rosie would prefer to stay home and watch her shows and kind of do her thing. But on the weekends, my siblings and I would want to go out. My sister [Vivienne] would want to go to the mall or I’d want to get coffee. Rosie wouldn’t want to drive us but there was always someone there to help.”

None of Rosie’s other children have spoken out against her. O’Donnell’s children include Parker, Blake, Vivienne, Chelsea, and toddler Dakota.

[Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Fund for Women’s Equality/ ERA Coalition]

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