Jinger Duggar’s New Boyfriend Jeremy Reveals His Sins Of Jail Time, Partying, And More, Now A Changed Man

Jinger Duggar has found love and is courting Jeremy Vuolo. These two seem really into each other and just announced their courtship. Now, fans want to know more about the new man in Jinger’s life, and he isn’t afraid to talk about his past sins and reveal that he isn’t perfect. A YouTube video of Jeremy shows him talking all about how he sinned in his past and is now a changed man. Jinger’s boyfriend is going to win a lot of people over with his honesty.

Jinger Duggar’s boyfriend explains that all people are sinners. He looks back on his life and is ashamed of some of the things that he did in the past. Growing up, he grew up a lot like Jinger Duggar in a home with parents that loved the Lord and lived a Christian lifestyle. This sounds a lot like the way that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raise their own children. He did only have two older siblings, though, so he isn’t used to the large family that Jinger is used to living with at her home.

Jeremy shared that he was actually homeschooled most of his life, just like Jinger Duggar, but he did eventually end up going to regular school. This is something different than Jinger, because she was homeschooled her entire life. During his last couple of years of high school and also in college, Jinger Duggar’s new boyfriend would go out drinking and partying with his friends. He wasn’t living the Christian lifestyle that he lives now.

Jinger Duggar’s boyfriend shared that he was sinning more and more during this time. This was also while he was training to be a professional soccer player. Things got so bad that at one point Jinger’s boyfriend went to jail. He said he spent the night in a holding cell. What he did was refused to obey a police officer. Jeremy shared that over the next few years he even battled against the “lust of his flesh.” Since then, Jinger Duggar’s boyfriend has turned his life around.

Us Magazine shared a few details about Jinger Duggar’s new boyfriend. They actually met on a mission trip, and Jinger said that after that he went to her dad to see if they could start courting. They are taking it slow, though. Jeremy shared saying, “As opposed to a more casual dating relationship, we really want to honor the Lord and be very intentional about how we move forward.” This is why they are courting and not actually rushing into things. This will be the way that Jinger Duggar decides if Jeremy is the one that she wants to marry. Jinger Duggar’s family is all for their relationship. Her boyfriend recently spoke out about his relationship with God.

“As an athlete, everyone knows you’re going to suffer disappointment or experience joy and successful moments. But there is going to be both. Everybody knows that as an athlete, especially in life as well. It’s how you deal with it that’s important… I’ve slowly been learning how to deal with that. I think it really comes down to having your base identity being in something other than your skill, yourself, the circumstances around you. My identity needs to be in something that never changes — and that’s Jesus Christ. It begins and ends with having that foundation in Christ.”

Are you shocked to hear that Jinger Duggar’s boyfriend had his own issues when it came to being a sinner at a younger age? Do you think that Jinger Duggar has found her match with Jeremy? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss watching this couple on Jill & Jessa: Counting On when it returns to TLC later this summer with the Duggar family.

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