Patrick McDermott Found? Olivia Newton-John’s Missing Boyfriend Secretly Living In Mexico, Report Claims

Patrick McDermott has been missing for more than a decade. The ex-boyfriend of Olivia Newton John was lost at sea and presumed dead, but now the mysterious disappearance has a strange twist; a report has surfaced claiming that he faked his own death and has been secretly living in Mexico, working for a wealthy family.

McDermott was on a fishing boat on June 30, 2005, when he reportedly went overboard. The circumstances of his disappearance were strange at the time, with none of the other 22 passengers seeing him go overboard and McDermott not being reported missing until a week later when Olivia Newton-John called police to say that he failed to show up for a family outing.

There have been theories and evidence over the course of the last decade that Patrick McDermott could be alive, and now Radar Online is reporting that he has been found in Mexico, working for a wealthy couple who have helped McDermott conceal his past.

“Well-connected sources in the Mexican boating community, where it’s believed McDermott has spent the last several years jumping from ship to ship in a bid to avoid being identified, tell Radar he’s working on a luxury boat for a wealthy Mexican family who is aware of McDermott’s past and has offered him protection. McDermott was last reported to have been working on the catamaran Humu-Humu. However, the luxury vessel is now believed to be moored in Mazlatan, six hours north of Nuevo Vallarta.”

There had long been reports that Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend was really alive, a rumor that the actress and singer never addressed publicly. But her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, opened up about McDermott’s disappearance in an interview with New Idea magazine.

“It’s really devastating. It’s been difficult for us,” she said (via the Daily Mail). “It’s hard, we lost someone.”

The Daily Mail added that investigators believe McDermott was at one point staying in Sayulita, Mexico, with a new girlfriend from Europe.

“It’s rumored he was with a German national,” investigator John Nazarian said. “I spoke to people there. The girl he was traveling with was described as having a German accent.”

Nazarian added that the story of Patrick McDermott’s disappearance never seemed to add up.

“To come up with the conclusion that he fell off the boat, and allegedly no-one saw him fall off the boat, is the most preposterous thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” he said.

Investigators found that McDermott had filed for bankruptcy shortly before his disappearance and had unpaid debt of more than $30,000, including $8,000 in unpaid child support to his ex-wife for their son, Chance. An investigation also found that McDermott had withdrawn his life savings from two bank accounts and secured a passport in his birth name, Patrick Kim.

There is also evidence that Patrick McDermott may have reached out to those looking for him. In 2009, when investigator Philip Klein started following the trail McDermott left, he received a note from someone writing on behalf of McDermott, the Daily Mail reported.

“Pat has asked that I portray to you his innocence. Pat has committed no crime. Pat simply wishes to be left alone,” the letter read. “Let him live his life in peace and harmony. He is safe and has started anew again in a new place both physically and mentally. Stop this search immediately.”

Radar Online may have found Patrick McDermott, however. The outlet reports that a port office in Nuevo Vallarta has identified the missing man by a picture, saying that the Korean-born man stands out because “no one looks like him around here.”

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