Adam Lind Storms Off ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stage During Special, Threatens To Quit Show

Adam Lind has been a thorn in Chelsea Houska’s side since their daughter Aubree was born. Their relationship wasn’t the best, and they were on-again and off-again more times than fans can count.

When their journey began on 16 & Pregnant, no one believed they would still be airing on Teen Mom 2 seven seasons later. Lind has been less than present in Aubree’s life, which has been frustrating for his ex. While things have been better in recent months, Lind still isn’t doing everything Houska expects him to do for their daughter.

Last night, Adam Lind appeared on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special. He sat on the couch with Chelsea Houska but refused to answer any questions. It was incredibly awkward to watch, and Lind made himself look bad. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Adam Lind is done with the show. He discussed only attending the show to honor his contract but refused to talk about anything. At one point the executive producer, Larry, joined Lind and Houska on the couch. This is when he admitted it is basically about money. Of course that wasn’t shocking at all, which means he will likely return next season despite being “done.”

Some moments with Adam Lind from Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 have caused him to catch a lot of negativity across social media. There was one incident where he was at a trampoline park with both Aubree and his other daughter, Paislee. Friends of his were there as well, and one of them turned out to be a convicted sex offender. When news of this broke, Lind was slammed for not paying attention to the type of people he allows around his children. It was said the two had been friends for quite some time, and Lind may have known about the convictions.

Another big incident that Adam Lind was called out for was missing the father-daughter dance with Aubree. Chelsea Houska had given him the information and he didn’t show up. Aubree had already explained she wanted both Lind and Cole DeBoer to accompany her, but she ended up going with her soon-to-be stepfather alone. Houska was heartbroken for her daughter and discussed it with her friends and family. While sitting on the couch with Dr. Drew, Houska refused to discuss Lind in depth. The confrontation wasn’t worth it and he was not giving up any comments about anything before he walked off the couch and went backstage.

Teen Mom 2 was confirmed for another season and fans fully anticipate Adam Lind filming. He was upset with Chelsea Houska for trying to change the child support amount and showed the audience just how he really is when things don’t go his way. Lind has cleaned up his life a bit since first being introduced, but there is plenty more to work on. He was recently accused of stealing a wallet from a stripper in a club he was at. There hasn’t been any follow up for it after the initial report, but it was indicated Lind could be arrested for theft if he did end up with the wallet.

Aubree has said some very real things about Adam Lind while on camera, and he has yet to acknowledge them. He is convinced that Chelsea Houska is trying to replace him with her soon-to-be husband, Cole DeBoer. That is not the case, she just encourages a positive relationship between the two. When Lind steps out, DeBoer steps up. Filming for Season 8 has reportedly started, though that has not been confirmed by MTV. Adam Lind has been clear about his intentions regarding the show, but money may be able to get him to stick around for at least one more season.

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