George Clooney’s Fundraising Activities Under Scrutiny

George Clooney, the two-time Academy Award winner, is one of the richest celebrities of Hollywood. According to Heavy, George Clooney’s net worth is about $250 million.

At one point in his career, George Clooney was ranked at No. 58 on the Forbes list of the world’s richest celebrities. Currently, the Ocean’s Eleven star owns eight homes, including two in Italy.

George Clooney has also given considerable attention to television, where he is producing shows for Netflix. According to the Independent, George Clooney has teamed up with Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, the directors of Making a Murderer, to produce America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker, a television project based on a Huffington Post article that exposed the Johnson & Johnson company, which was allegedly marketing an antipsychotic drug without highlighting its side effects.

Apart from his stints in the film world, the actor remains busy promoting Nespresso as a brand ambassador, a job which has enabled him to earn $40 million.

George Clooney may have won several awards and trophies for many of his earlier works in show business, but the actor has also won accolades for various humanitarian causes. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Pope Francis recently awarded George Clooney a medal for his contribution towards the Catholic Church’s charitable foundations.

And even though he is a well-known actor across the globe, George Clooney has left an indelible mark due to his efforts fighting for various social causes. The actor is supported by his wife, Amal Clooney, who is a highly regarded British-Lebanese lawyer and activist. George Clooney has a long history of using his name and fame to raise funds to support people who have been victims of genocide or a natural disaster.

The actor has participated in fundraising events that were organized to support victims of the Haiti earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, and the tsunami that hit southeast Asia. In 2001, George Clooney volunteered to organize America: A Tribute to Heroes, which raised $150 million dollars for those affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks. He also played a key role in organizing a telethon in association with the American Red Cross International Response Fund, which succeeded in raising $18.2 million to benefit those affected by the South-East Asia tsunami. Later, George Clooney made a donation of $1 million to help the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

More recently, George Clooney has been active in bringing the crisis in the Darfur region in Sudan under the global spotlight. The crisis in the Sudanese region has been going on since 2003, and George Clooney is striving hard to make people aware of it. In fact, in 2010, he teamed with John Prendergast to launch the Satellite Sentinel Project with an aim to raise awareness about the Darfur crisis amongst global citizens.

In 2010, the Television Academy honored George Clooney by awarding him with Bob Hope Humanitarian Award to recognize his efforts towards the wide range of humanitarian causes with which he has been and is currently involved.

However, it seems that George Clooney’s fundraising activities and political views have drawn flak from a certain section of society. Recently, Mindy Wasserman, a shareholder of Time Warner Media Company, attacked George Clooney’s fundraising efforts and his liberal politics at the company’s annual meeting in Burbank.

George Clooney had teamed with Time Warner to produce Our Brand is Crisis, the Sandra Bullock-starring film that failed at the box office by earning only $7 million. The accusation was that George Clooney didn’t do much to promote the film. In fact, the shareholder claimed that the actor has raised more money for Hillary Clinton than the movie he produced with Time Warner.

Additionally, the attacking shareholder questioned the involvement of Amal Clooney in George’s political activities. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Time Warner’s CEO Jeffrey Bewkes defended George Clooney by suggesting that the annual meeting was not a platform for attacking people for their political views and that the company is not concerned about any celebrity’s private life and activities.

The CEO received some applause for defending George Clooney. However, it is clear that George Clooney’s future fundraising activities will be under scrutiny by curious shareholders who expect Time Warner producers to work with integrity.

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