‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Joseline Hernandez Admits She Lied To Mimi Faust About Stevie J Having More Babies

On the last episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Stevie J and Mimi Faust confronted Promise B. Mae over allegations that she and Stevie had a child together. It was Joseline Hernandez who told Mimi that her daughter’s father was out making more kids and it was the reason she gave for splitting with Stevie and wanting him to move out. It turns out that the whole story was just a big lie, and Joseline was pretty proud of herself after Mimi bought it and reacted.

Joseline is so bitter about her split with Stevie that she will do anything to tear him down. In this case, anything means trying to destroy his relationship with Mimi according to Enstarz. Hernandez even admitted that she was hoping to cause so much trouble between Stevie and Mimi that he ends up on child support.

Those who follow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta know that Stevie J already has some major child support issues. He’s headed to trial in December over allegations that he owes $1.1 million in unpaid child support to the mother of two of his older children. The last thing Stevie needs is another child support order and Joseline knows it.

“So, you know what I did? Stevie uses [Mimi] so much that she won’t put him on child support,” Joseline told Dawn. “So you know what I did … I’m gonna make sure she put you on child support. So I told the b***h that he got babies in the streets and he don’t even got babies in the streets. I just lied, I made it up.”

Making up stories about Stevie J’s supposed new babies isn’t the only revenge that Joseline has taken on Stevie since their break up. The Puerto Rican Princess teased about a huge bomb she was going to drop at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show later in the summer. She just couldn’t wait though and posted receipts from a lie detector test that she took.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joseline is using the results of a lie detector test to prove that Stevie J may be bisexual, or at least enjoys adult films that feature men and transgendered individuals rather than women. After the whopper of a lie that Joseline told about Stevie J having a baby with Promise B. Mae, she may need more than a lie detector to get Mimi or anyone else to ever believe her again. So far, Stevie has completely ignored Joseline’s claims about his porn preferences.

Stevie J did admit back in May that he and Joseline Hernandez had split up. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star must have been pretty angry too because, for the first time, Stevie admitted that not only did he never marry Joseline but that he never would either.

As for Promise B. Mae, she also admitted that the Stevie J baby story was a huge lie that has gone on for years. Back in 2013, Promise’s affair with Stevie was chronicled in the blogs and now after watching her admit to making up stories about a baby in order to get noticed, it’s not clear if she even had a relationship with Stevie at all.

Joseline Hernandez is proud of herself for telling a huge lie about Stevie J and getting Mimi Faust to buy it. Now that everyone knows Joseline made up the whole Promise B. Mae baby story, she has destroyed any credibility she had with Mimi. While the whole Love & Hip Hop Atlanta set up was interesting, it doesn’t look like Joseline will get the outcome she wants. Mimi ended up taking Stevie’s side and doesn’t seem angry at him at all.

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