Windows 10 Offers New Payment Support Features With Wallet And Mobile

Microsoft continues to add features and updates while preparing for the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary update. The latest feature to be added is Microsoft Wallet. Microsoft is getting into the payment options market, and they’re making the feature available in both mobile and their Windows operating systems.

PC World reported that payment support for Windows 10 phones is finally being rolled out. Microsoft is pushing an updated version of its Wallet app, and it offers NFC tap-to-pay support. The new update is available for Windows 10 users who use certain phones. They include the Lumina 950 and the 950 XL. The release will come with the Windows 10 anniversary release.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, the latest feature that Microsoft is working on for Windows 10 is a tool to allow Windows users to perform a clean install. It will also allow them to remove bloatware.

The Windows 10 mobile update to phones comes at a time when Windows phones appear to be dormant. Microsoft hasn’t made updating or promoting Windows phones a priority, so the market for them is stagnant. Since they offer fewer apps than other phones, and since updated hardware isn’t a priority, it’s left Windows users with few options. At the same time, Microsoft is continuing to build this same kind of functionality into the core of all of its devices, which may revive the Windows phone market and allow for more and better features in the future.

The Tech News reported that Microsoft is finally getting into the mobile payments market by adding the feature to Windows 10. Apple, Samsung, and Google have already added apps that make mobile payments possible, and Facebook is now adding the ability to send money and pay through its apps. Microsoft had previously announced that it would be adding virtual credit card support to Windows 10.

The next step announced by Microsoft for Windows 10 is the addition of a mobile app. The wallet app was added to the latest internal version of Windows 10. Although Apple, Samsung and Google have a customer base for their mobile payment platforms, Microsoft only has about a two percent market share worldwide, and it is unclear if the addition of mobile payments will help Microsoft see future success in selling their phones.

Computer World released a guide to all of the Windows 10 builds that have been created. This summer, Microsoft will release its first major update of Windows 10 with its release of the Anniversary edition. Customers will automatically receive the update through Windows Update, and it will install on its own.

For those who are reluctant to add the updates, preview builds of Windows 10 are available so that Windows users can take a look at the features available, as well as the changes made to the operating software. The latest update appeared on June 16, two days after the last update. It focused primarily on bug fixes. It also included the ability to perform a clean install of Windows 10 and start over. For users who want to use this feature, they can find it under Settings, Updates & Security and Recovery. The software will show users the steps they need to follow to do the clean install.

The clean install feature in Windows 10 will delete any pre installed apps previously released with the software, as well as any apps the user has installed. The bonus is that it will remove any bloatware users have on their computers.

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