‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: Will ‘BB18’ Spoilers About Cast Be True, What Predictions Are On Social Media?

Big Brother 18 rumors abound as the hours count down to the season premiere. Many BB18 spoilers are still being claimed on social media, with many fans feeling they know which direction producers are taking this summer. A new report from fan site Big Brother Network also lays out a number of predictions. Could these latest Big Brother 18 rumors turn out to be true on Wednesday, June 22?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Big Brother 18 schedule has already begun, with the cast entering the BB18 house during the last week. This means that the game is already underway, with possible twists already taking place within the show. The first episode doesn’t air until Wednesday night, though, forcing fans to have patience. It’s more difficult this season, as show producers haven’t really revealed the theme or the entire cast to the public.

Some of the purported Big Brother 18 spoilers suggest that there are returning cast members, that there will be twists in the first two episodes, and that producers have come up with new games this season. Rumors about there being four returning houseguests and who they might be inundated social media all spring. This is what could make some of the BB18 predictions quite interesting, even if it’s only to give fans something to focus on for the final 24 hours before the season premiere.

Going back to the new report from Big Brother Network, Matthew Boyer predicts that the first BB18 eviction could actually take place during the second episode on Thursday, June 23. There have been evictions before the live shows got started in the past, with the most notable example taking place during the coaches season of Big Brother 14. Would producers entertain that idea again?

Boyer also wrote about how a possible twist for this season could be that the returning houseguests are voted on by the fans. Could the Big Brother producers have a group of returnees ready for fans to vote into the house? It’s possible, but with a week of gameplay already taking place, it might be a bit late in the show to vote in new houseguests. At the same time, it’s possible that the idea could see a twist, where fans decide who the first evicted houseguest is for 2016.

A report from Entertainment Weekly might shine even more light on some of the previous Big Brother 18 rumors. The big takeaway from the article are the hints that executive producer Allison Grodner gave about the show. It has Twitter and Facebook buzzing as fans try to dissect what she said.

“At this point, 12 people will be moving in for sure. And if you know Big Brother, as I know you do, we haven’t had 12 people in the house since season 2 or season 1. So it’s been a long time, so chances are there will be more people. The question is, who will they be? You will find out tomorrow night during the first night premiere.”

Unlike during past years, the show producers have been able to keep a tight lid on facts about this season. Although there are a lot of purported Big Brother 18 spoilers on the net, almost none of them have actually been confirmed. The show even limited the access that media had to the BB18 cast, raising further intrigue about what is going to take place with them. What everyone does know is that the two-hour season premiere airs on Wednesday, June 22 at 8 p.m. PT/ET. The second episode is then on Thursday, June 23 at 9 p.m. PT/ET.

There are fewer than 24 hours left before fans find out which of the Big Brother 18 rumors are actually true. Following the first two episodes, the live feeds will finally get turned on Thursday night at 10 p.m. PT/1 a.m. ET.

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