Sky Ferreira Responds To Sexist L.A. Weekly Article: ‘I’m Not A F***ing Think Piece’

Sky Ferreira was recently the subject of an L.A. Weekly editorial that sparked outrage from both readers and peer music publications.

Most of the blowout centered around how the author, Art Tavana, reduced the off-beat pop star Sky to her image — and more specifically her attractiveness — instead of her music. For a musician like Ferreira who not only writes her own material but also served as executive producer on her 2013 breakthrough album, Night Time, My Time, many saw the piece as dismissive of her talent.

Take the first paragraph for instance, which compares Sky to Madonna in terms of the similarities between their “breasts.”

“Ferreira, 23, has a name that reads like a turbo-charged Italian sports car, or the kindred spirit to second-generation Italian-American pop star Madonna, the most ambitious woman to ever wear a pink cone bra. Both Sky and Madonna have similar breasts in both cup size and ability to cause a sh**storm.”

Following an official apology from L.A. Weekly’s editor, Sky herself took to Twitter to express her own dissatisfaction with not just the author but they way she is often talked about in the media. Ferreira’s choice to appear topless on her last album cover, for instance, dominated much of the conversation surrounding its release.

“I’m not a think piece. I’m not a f***ing example. I’m glad that this is making people think. conversation is happening.”

What do you think of Sky Ferreira’s response to the L.A. Weekly article?

[Image via Greg Chow/Flickr]

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