Britney Spears In Crisis As New Single Is Delayed Again? Is This The Official Release Date For ‘Make Me (Oooh)?’

Has the release of Britney Spears new single been pushed back once again?

Rumors began swirling this week that Spears’s team have once again delayed the release of her upcoming single, titled “Make Me (Oooh),” claiming that Britney’s poor vocals on the new track had caused her team to pull the track, which is rumoured to be released next month.

However, despite the rampant reports, Editor In Chief of PopCrush and MuuMuse, Bradley Stern, is denying the claims on social media and revealing that there’s “no truth” to the latest round of Britney speculation.

Taking to Twitter on June 20, Stern attached a screenshot of a new report by the Sun, which claimed the release of “Make Me (Oooh)” has been pushed back once again, calling the claims “bulls***.”

Britney Spears In Crisis As New Single Is Delayed Again -- Is This The Official Release Date For 'Make Me (Ooh)'
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“In case there’s any doubt among fans, there’s no truth to this bulls*** story,” he tweeted out regarding the Spears speculation. “Stop reading/believing bad websites.”

A number of sources have speculated that following the initial push back from a May release, the track was then set drop in July, though BreatheHeavy is now speculating that Spears’ latest track could actually hit the airwaves even sooner.

The site revealed on June 21 that “Make Me (Oooh)” has actually now been listed for play on the official website of a German radio station, which could suggest that Spears’s new song may even drop later this week.

Britney Spears and her team have so far stayed tight-lipped about the reports, though false rumors of yet another setback was first reported by the Sun this week after the site claimed that the song had now been pushed back for a second time as Britney’s management were allegedly unhappy with her vocals on the song.

“The single has been a nightmare for everybody involved,” an insider claimed to Spears’s new song, which was initially expected to be released in May to coincide with Britney’s much-praised performance at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

“When it came down to the final version of the track, the label just didn’t like [Britney’s] voice and the producers were struggling to make it work with the recordings they had,” an insider claimed.

Admitting that the song “should have been out a long time ago now,” the Sun‘s source then suggested that the song’s producers have been scrambling to add some extra vocals to Britney’s voice in order to enhance the song.

“They’ve tried to find someone to add some guest vocals to strengthen the track instead of finding time in Britney’s schedule to re-record – but they’ve really struggled,” the source claimed to the site this week. “It’s been very stressful.”

Britney Spears In Crisis As New Single Is Delayed Again -- Is This The Official Release Date For 'Make Me (Ooh)'
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The site’s report claiming that Britney’s new single has been pushed back once again came just weeks after the Las Vegas Sun‘s Vegas Deluxe first reported that the song had been pushed back from its originally scheduled May 23 release due to undisclosed “technical difficulties.”

The site then claimed that Spears’s team instead planned to release Britney’s first single from her upcoming ninth studio album “later this summer.”

“There’s no point in Britney previewing it so far in advance if we don’t even have a new release date yet,” a source close to Spears told the site after it was revealed that Britney would not be debuting “Make Me (Oooh)” at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

The source then admitted that Spears was “truly saddened” that the single had been delayed, but added “that matters [is] outside our hands.”

“We’re told that it’ll now be later in the summer,” the Spears insider continued last month, “but we don’t even know exactly when yet until production hiccups are resolved.”

What do you think of the latest drama surrounding Britney Spears comeback single “Make Me (Oooh)?”

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