Painting 116 Layers Of Nail Polish? #PolishMountain Challenge Up To 2,000 Instagram Posts [Video]

When most people think of polishing their nails or having their nails polished at a nail salon, the standard base coat, top coat and two coats of colored polish come to mind. Leave it to a beauty vlogger to change those rules.

As seen in the above video, which was uploaded to YouTube on June 5, beauty vlogger Christine Rotenberg can be seen painting a whopping 116 coats of nail polish on her hands. The video, titled “100+ Coats of Nail Polish | #POLISHMOUNTAIN,” has received 11.3 million views in the two weeks since the video was uploaded. In the funny video’s funny description, Christine jokes about her “polish mountain” outdoing the popular bubble nails challenge that swept across the web in recent years.


The video shows Rotenberg taking hours upon hours to paint all of the nail polish colors she owns onto her nails. According to the Daily Mail, that’s 116 nail polish layers that make up Christine’s polish mountain. Throughout the long day that took 12 hours to get all the colorful layers onto her nails, Christine makes sure to take breaks to eat food, play with her cats, drink soda, and go to the bathroom.

As the day wears on, Christine gets so sleepy that she nearly falls asleep onto her nails. But her polish mountain nail challenge was apparently worth it, because of all the newfound attention she received in the wake of painting so much polish on her nails.

As noted in the YouTube blogger’s popular video, Christine did not paint her thumb. After coming back from the bathroom, she joked that her viewers should not ask her if she washed her hands.

In between painting so many layers of nail polish, Christine took phone calls from Snapchat. Lots of people screamed and “fanned out” at the realization that Rotenberg actually answered a Snapchat call. Christine also joked that she wished she got that many phone calls in high school.

Nevertheless, despite being very tired, Christine made sure to complete the challenge thought up by her subscribers as she thanked them for helping her be so creative. Christine also dared others to create their own polish mountains on their own nails.

On Instagram, the #polishmountain hashtag proves that some viewers took Christine up on her challenge. The funny and unexpected part of painting so many nail polish colors on the nails is that they eventually get smaller and smaller until the nail polish truly replicates a colorful mountain.

After all of that work polishing her nails, Christine peels off the nail polish mountains on her nails and leaves the mountain of color on her table.

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Some of the reactions to the nail polish mountain challenge video can be read below.

“I’ve gotten to that weird part of YouTube again.”

“Did anyone realize she was wearing the banana nails?”

“I’m sitting here wondering how she recorded a video for that long.”

“A peel off base coat works like a charm!”

“That took a LOT of effort. Thumbs up!!!!!”

“She should do it again but with clear nail polish.”

“For some reason I read it as ‘Polish’ Mountain — as in a mountain in Poland. That nail looked European landscape-ish to me even though I don’t use drugs.”

“If you look at her nail polish collection video you will see that she has her own way of organizing her polishes. LOL.”

“What the heck is a ‘holosexual?’ Also, why was this in my recommendations?”

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