Revolutionary War Heats Up As Benedict Arnold Takes Center Stage On ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’

Turn: Washington’s Spies is a period drama that appears on AMC on Monday nights. It tells the story of the secret spy ring established by General George Washington and Major Benjamin Talmadge to provide intelligence to the colonial army. The most famous case of spying during the American Revolution, though, is the story of Benedict Arnold. Arnold was a colonial general in the Revolutionary Army who chose to sell intelligence to the British Army in order to gain greater rank and earn a fortune. He takes center stage in the drama after marrying a Tory spy and begins selling intelligence to the British.

Sun Community News reported that nothing has ever evoked such a reputation for villainy and high treason as the name Benedict Arnold does. Arnold is a study in contrasts because, just as he was one of America’s greatest traitors, he was also once one of America’s greatest heroes. He won a stunning number of victories during the American Revolution, although later he married to a Tory spy, and he was friends with George Washington.

Although Benedict Arnold and General George Washington became friends, it didn’t stop Arnold from selling out Washington when he sold plans for Washington’s capture at Westpoint to the British. The failure of the plan was one of the factors that helped the colonials to win the Revolutionary War.

The Cleveland reported that in the latest episode of Turn: Washington’s Spies, the American Revolution heats up as General Benedict Arnold is carrying plans to Westpoint. General Washington is there, and it gives the British a chance to capture him and end the war. Lieutenant Brewster arrives too late to warn Washington and Major Talmadge, as he misses his chance to shoot the potentially traitorous Arnold.

Robert Rogers, who formerly led the Queen’s Rangers, is responsible for the capture of Major John Andre, who is Benedict Arnold’s liaison to the British and responsible for gathering intelligence for them. He is in love with Arnold’s wife and has encouraged her to marry Arnold so that Arnold can be turned.

The show does toy with history a little for the sake of making it more dramatic. However, it makes for interesting storytelling because those watching the show know the eventual outcome of the story.

Entertainment Weekly reported that in the latest episode of Turn: Washington Spies, the walls are closing in on Major Andre. He insists on a meeting with General Benedict Arnold. Does he plan to win back the hand of Peggy Shippen even though she is now the wife of Arnold?

In a letter written by Arnold to the British, he reveals the condition of Westpoint and shows that it is easy pickings for the British and an opportunity to capture Washington. Arnold is frustrated because he can’t get the British to show enthusiasm for the intelligence he reveals to them, so he can’t get them money out of them he wants. Arnold has spent thousands of dollars funding his army during the American Revolution, and so he is desperate to recoup the money he has spent since he’s nearly broke. General Clinton reluctantly hands over $10,000 to Arnold for the information he has given.

Oddly, Benedict Arnold sees himself as a hero in the American Revolution because he sees what he is doing as an opportunity to end the revolution for good. Again, he is a study in contrasts. He is bitter towards the Continental Congress for not reimbursing him the money he is owed. For those who don’t know the story, it begs the question: will Arnold finally get the recognition and fortune he so desperately wants? Was Benedict Arnold a true hero of the American Revolution, or was he just a traitor in it for the money?

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