Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles: Sex Gods Or Grammar Nerds?

Harry Styles’ reputation as a Scrabble fan and stickler for good grammar is well established, and today Louis Tomlinson demonstrated that he too is capable of putting someone in their place during a war over word-usage.

Harry Styles’ love of Scrabble made headlines around the world when he was captured on film playing the game with New Zealand model Georgia Fowler during a romantic getaway. The clip of Harry in his bathrobe, leaning across the board to place a tiny letter on its square, was flashed around the world as outlets like the Mirror ran the sexy story.

“Harry Styles is reportedly getting close to a New Zealand model after he was filmed playing Scrabble with her in his dressing gown… The One Direction star, who is having some down time after breaking his foot, is believed to have been spending time with brunette beauty Georgia Fowler at Babington House in Somerset.”

Harry Styles’ love of words comes through in both romantic and rowdy, competitive contexts. Styles was once captured on film correcting a fan’s sign during a One Direction concert, reports Daily Mail.

“It’s the Styles police! Incredible moment Harry spotted 1D fan’s bad grammar – and CORRECTED her sign by adding an apostrophe…The singer, 21, motioned for the banner reading ‘Hi Harry. Your so nice’ to be handed to him, before wasting no time in fixing the omission… He took out a pen and added the missing apostrophe and letter ‘e’ to make it ‘You’re so nice.'”

Sugarscape reports that just today Louis Tomlinson corrected the English of none other than Paddy McGuinness after the English entertainer shared a photo of himself in bed flanked by Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan blow-up dolls.

Paddy tagged Louis and Niall in the image and captioned it “to much?”

Grammar cop Louis was right on the case. “*too” Tomlinson wrote, correcting his hapless pal.

Sugarscape dubbed Paddy McGuinness the “biggest fangirl ever” for his efforts.

“When it comes to being a One Direction fan, we’d say we’re pretty big ones – but one person we’re willing to lend the crown of biggest fangirl ever to is comedian Paddy McGuinness, after he shared a hilarious picture of him hanging out with Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan.”

Louis gave the English presenter credit for his funny photo skills, writing “hahaha that is so funny! I’m honored Paddy.”

Niall Horan marveled that the funnyman is “a very strange person.” Horan added that this has always been apparent to him.

@PaddyMcGuinness @Louis_Tomlinson you’re a very strange person paddy, always knew it…..”

In other One Direction news, speculation about the latest Gucci collection and a rumored link to Harry Styles continues to fly around.

MTV has published a clip about Harry and Gucci on their Snapchat, saying that “the internet thinks yes” on the question of whether the new collection was inspired by Styles’ famous tattoos.

“As anyone who’s ever spent an afternoon gazing at photos of Harry Styles‘ naked chest (aka most of us) will know, the area between his bellybutton and nipples are decorated with a whole bunch of tattoos that range from edgy inkings to some slightly more random doodles…. But it looks like us One Direction fans might not be the only ones who are liking what we see and as some canny-eyed internet users have noticed, the summer collection by Gucci features some imagery that bears a fair bit of resemblance to the doodles on young Hazwan’s bod.”

The report notes that Harry has worn Gucci to “countless red carpet events,” particularly in 2015, when he appeared in an array of wild Gucci suits at a variety of events and venues.

“Plus we all know Harry is a big fan of Gucci and has worn their designs to countless red carpet events. All we really need now is for them to sign him as a model and then maybe just sell us the exact outfits he wore on set or something.”

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

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