WWE News: Update On Rumored Arrest Of WWE Superstar Paige, Taken To Hospital For Medical Evaluation After MITB

The Internet went crazy on Monday afternoon, when a picture hit the Internet regarding the possible arrest of WWE Superstar Paige. It was said that she got into a fight with boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, but no one could confirm the story. The only thing that was known was that she was handcuffed and eventually loaded into an ambulance sometime after WWE Money in the Bank ended on Sunday. Nothing more was known at the time.

The Inquisitr picked up the story on Monday afternoon with the many things that were rumored at the time, but Pro Wrestling Sheet was able to shed light on everything that truly went down in Las Vegas on Sunday night. The website claimed first and foremost that Paige was not arrested but merely detained, which is a big difference.

PWS confirmed that Paige was taken to the hospital Sunday night for “undisclosed reasons,” but usually in cases like this it is a simple medical evaluation that occurs. The Las Vegas Police Department claimed that officers were outside Caesars Palace for an incident in the area unrelated to the matter concerning Paige. They were then flagged to come over after a female was seen running into the streets.

This woman was apparently Paige. The officers quickly detained her and determined at the time that she needed to be taken to the hospital. The detainment warranted the handcuffs we saw, and the need for medical evaluations led to the reason she was loaded into an ambulance. The pictures, which you can see in the above from The Spotlight Facebook page, were certainly of the entire incident. The reason why nothing was said previously was because of American HIPAA laws, which makes a lot of sense.

This is why Paige’s mom, Saraya Knight, did confirm Paige was not arrested when asked about her daughter on Monday afternoon, as Paige was simply detained. Of course, many questions still remain as to why Paige was in the streets and why officers felt she was needing a medical evaluation. Was she drunk? Was she on something? Was she simply enjoying her time too much in Vegas? Did she hit her head, even?

These officers see people from all over the world coming in to party and gamble on a regular basis, and they felt Paige was a problem. Clearly, they would know a problem when they see it.

Paige is no longer in the hospital. She was seemingly competent enough to perform in the ring against WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. If WWE felt she was going to be a problem, she would have been suspended or at the very least not put up against the top female in the company on WWE RAW.

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Sources with direct knowledge to the subject told PWS that no charges were filed against Paige, and that WWE will be investigating the matter further.

All of that being said, questions are still left unanswered regarding the entire situation. While most would say that if WWE felt she was fine to wrestle, no charges were filed, and that the company is still investigating matters further, that we should just accept things and move on. However, it does make us question how Paige got into the issue to begin with.

What possessed a person without problems in the head to run into a Las Vegas street? What makes Vegas officers think Paige needs medical examination, yet isn’t bad enough for WWE to feel she couldn’t perform the very next night on the flagship program of the company? On top of this, was Alberto Del Rio even involved in the entire situation?

With so many questions yet to be answered, more information about the ordeal will eventually come out. While WWE has not made an official announcement regarding the incident, and Paige has not yet commented, either, we at least know more now than we did on Monday afternoon. That is about all one could ask for at this point.

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