‘Deadliest Catch’ Spoilers: Sig Hansen’s Treacherous Journey Begins As Boat Flounders, Heart Attack Looms

On the next episode of Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen will run into big trouble as his boat flounders and a heart attack looms over the veteran fisherman.

TV Line posted a spoilers preview of the hit Discovery show’s Tuesday night episode. Sig’s in the middle of a bonanza with full pots of crab that his crew is busy unloading, but things take a drastic turn when lights begin flickering and the fire alarm sounds. The captain is seen in a brief state of panic when things go awry quickly even though he instructs the men to “stay calm.” A sense of calm isn’t what fans get from the video!

According to the report, Hansen’s boat is days from arriving at port. Foul weather and hazardous conditions don’t help the F/V Northwestern one bit. The power goes out and Sig orders everyone to the engine room. Someone yells “fire!”

In a Q&A session that Sig Hansen had on Facebook a few months ago, he admitted that he was a bit tense during the fire episode in Season 12 of Deadliest Catch. He hinted that viewers will see just “how well” he handled an emergency situation with fire.

“There’s that one time that things can go bad,” Sig said in a video posted on the TV show’s Facebook page on Sunday.

He added that everything is done to ensure that the boat is as safe as possible, but the reality is, there’s a lot out of everyone’s control.

“And God help you,” Hansen said in the video about unpredictable weather and situations of peril.

It’s not just power outages and a fire that Sig will contend with on this season of Deadliest Catch. In March, the captain had a heart attack while shooting the reality show. He was airlifted to Anchorage, Alaska following the incident. His daughter, Mandy, will be seen on the show since she joined the crew to assist and learn the ropes with her father. She was aboard the Northwestern when her father had the heart attack.

When Sig experienced pain on deck, he momentarily lost consciousness then regained enough back to push through it and keep working. The crew told him he needed to get to a hospital.

Hansen is recovering well, but it’s been a challenge for him to refrain from old habits, such as drinking and smoking. On top of that, Hansen is on a lot of prescription medication that have rough side effects.

“You get depressed really fast and you have that to overcome,” the captain said in his Q&A session.

Hansen said an MRI showed a few things he wasn’t happy about but isn’t sharing what came back from the scan.

“They found some stuff I really didn’t like to hear, but that’s my business,” he told fans during the live chat session.

While he was at it, the Deadliest Catch star was adamant that people understand that the heart attack wasn’t directly linked to his smoking habit.

“Just to clear the record … 20 percent of this was caused by smoking and the rest was stress and genetics,” Hansen asserted.

Sig Hansen has asserted several times that season 12 is the most stressful one yet for him.

He told People magazine in March after he was released from the hospital that it “was close” and there was a “50/50 chance” for his survival. He went on to say that in the moment it “wasn’t so bad,” but later on it just made him “angry.”

Hansen said that he’s eating more salads, cutting back on cigarettes, and trying to be healthier. He didn’t hold back when he said “it sucks.”

Deadliest Catch Season 12 airs Tuesday nights on Discovery at 9 p.m., ET and 6 p.m., PT.

[Photo Courtesy of Discovery Channel]

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