Jaden Smith Album Finally Coming? A Cryptic Tweet Says Maybe [Video]

If a cryptic tweet by Jaden Smith is to be believed (or has been decoded properly), it looks like the 17-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith is getting ready to (finally) drop his much-hyped debut album. Not only that, but as Hollywood Life reports, it looks like Jaden might even be collaborating with Kanye West on the album. Check out the tweet that’s generating all the Jaden Smith buzz.

Even though he’s just 17, Hollywood Life is calling Jaden Smith’s (still hypothetical) collaboration with Kanye “sexy.”

After his tweet — which, according to reports, teases some studio time — was posted on June 19, Jaden Smith’s Twitter feed once again suggested that he might be getting ready to make good on his promise to release an album. His pinned tweet, which has been a motivational message to “work on your album, Jaden” for a few weeks now, was updated on June 20.

Does that “soon” mean that his album will be ready soon? Fans are certainly hopeful that they’re about to get their Jaden Smith music fix IRL.

While the photo captioned with a “Ye” is pretty blurry and its subject is hard to determine, speculation is rampant that the figure in the tweeted pic is none other than Kanye West. Adding to that certainty is that Kanye’s nickname is “Ye.” Not to mention that Jaden Smith’s mystery tweet looks like a photo that was taken in a nameless recording studio. Because of all of these breadcrumbs and cryptic clues, fans are excitedly speculating that some kind of Kanye and Jaden Smith duet may be in the works.

Jaden Smith’s “Finish your album Jaden” tweet took his social media account by storm back on June 5, and since then his fans have been waiting impatiently for a Jaden Smith album, or at least news of a release date.

The new tweets that have been sent out in the last few days, have Jaden Smith fans holding their collective breaths at the thought they may finally be getting their wish.

Despite his well-known musical career and aspirations, with a resume that includes rapping with Justin Bieber in a “Never Say Never” remix, Jaden Smith has yet to release a full album. Way back in October of 2012, his fans got a bit of a taste when the teen dropped his “mix tape” The Cool Cafe. Jaden even has a few “official” music videos; but, so far, fans have been deprived of a full-length album full of Jaden Smith musical goodies.

If Jaden does manage to start his music career with a Kanye West collaboration, it’s going to be a huge boost to the social media darling’s credentials, and fans are hoping a Jaden Smith/Kanye West album will be as hot as it sounds.

If Jaden Smith has managed to get his album recorded and produced in the last few weeks, it will have been nothing short of a miracle. The 17-year-old son of Hollywood royalty hasn’t dropped a full-length album yet, but he’s already a successful actor, model, recording artist, and all-around very busy guy.

In the last few months, Jaden became the first male face of Louis Vuitton’s women’s wear line. He’s also starring in an upcoming Netflix series. He’s managed to accumulate an estimated $8 million fortune. Overall, Jaden Smith always seems to be working toward achieving his career goals.

Jaden has accumulated a massive social media following, too, and he often uses his Twitter feed to keep his fans stay aware of his career moves and world travels.

If Jaden Smith got his album recorded despite his busy modeling and acting schedule, he might actually be Superman.

What do you think? Are you one of the millions waiting impatiently for Jaden Smith’s promised album? Do you think a Kanye West collaboration will make Jaden Smith’s album better or worse?

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