WWE News: Kurt Angle Says He Is Coming Back To WWE

The news broke over the weekend that the WWE had reached out to a number of former superstars about returning for the brand split that is coming up in July. Names that the WWE allegedly approached include Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, MVP, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, and more. Now, one of those superstars have spoken up and admitted that the WWE has spoken to at least him.

Wrestling Inc. reported that Kurt Angle was on Mark Madden’s Pittsburgh-based radio show and Madden asked Angle if he was, in fact, coming back to the WWE. Angle said that he spoke to Triple H just six weeks ago and had a good conversation about things. Kurt said that the conversation was not about the WWE brand split, but that he is coming back to the WWE.

“Will I return? Yes. I don’t know when.”

Many fans have fantasy booked Kurt Angle to return to the WWE and start up a new version of Team Angle. The original version saw Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas as the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Right now, the most popular tag team in NXT is American Alpha, which is comprised of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, a team that is a clear mix of the World’s Greatest Tag Team and the Steiner Bros.

Kurt Angle could be perfect to work as the mouthpiece of American Alpha. This could be even bigger since rumors have Vince McMahon calling for American Alpha to lose their tag team titles at WWE NXT Takedown: The End. The reason for the loss is that McMahon wants to call up American Alpha when the brand split draft occurs.

WWE reported that the big draft for the WWE brand split will take place on the very first live WWE SmackDown when the show moves to Tuesday nights. On the draft, anyone can be chosen by either brand in the draft, and it will include NXT stars. There is no word on if any of the veteran stars the WWE allegedly reached out to could become surprise draft picks in the WWE brand split.

Kurt Angle wouldn’t just come back in order to manage a team because he said that he spoke to Triple H about wrestling again in the WWE. Angle just kicked off his own website where he is promoting that he is keeping his body in optimal shape for a return to the ring.

“I am taking care of my body the way I should, and it has helped me to do the things I want to do now. I’m eating better, stretching every day doing DDP Yoga, training smarter and doing the things necessary to live the rest of my life healthy. I wish I had done all of these things throughout my pro wrestling career. But now it’s about longevity, and luckily, I changed my lifestyle early enough to make sure of it.”

Kurt Angle said that when he spoke to Triple H, things were on good terms between them and between himself and Vince McMahon. Kurt said that originally the WWE only wanted to push younger talent and not older guys, which is why he had not returned after leaving TNA Impact Wrestling. However, Angle did admit the brand split is happening and things are changing with so many open spots needed. Kurt admitted that he can still go in the ring.

However, if the WWE brings back Kurt Angle now, it will be for a short window. Angle said that he is still in great shape but doesn’t want to wrestle much longer. Kurt then said that he wants to end his career in the WWE and then move on to work as a professional wrestling manager and he would love to manage American Alpha.

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