‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6: Sansa Fan Theories Come Alive Again [Spoilers]

The theories surrounding Sansa Stark were reignited in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9. Just one line uttered by Ramsay Bolton before his death led to fans taking to Twitter with their thoughts.

Caution: this article contains major spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6, Battle of the Bastards. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, consider this your warning.

Just a few weeks ago, the Thrones fans took to social media with their theories. Back in May, The Wrap reported the theory that Sansa Stark was pregnant. While talking to Littlefinger, she told him that she still felt Ramsay inside her. It brought up the speculation that she was carrying his child and knew about it, but didn’t want to admit that to anyone.

There have been no signs or mentions since, until the latest episode. Just before his death, Ramsay told Sansa that he would always be a part of her. He suggested that she was carrying his child, and it was his taunt that she would never have the chance to forget him. Of course, it could be that he meant he was in her head; something that he would have pushed for more with his sadistic ways.

It would make sense for this to be the next part of the storyline. Sansa has always had the bad things happen to her, so why not the baby of a Bolton?

While Ramsay suggested she was pregnant, her lines after it made it clear that this wasn’t going to happen. She told him that his name and house would disappear, with no waver in her voice. Sansa hasn’t been the best at lying in Game of Thrones. She has always come across as a nervous child, worried that she would be caught out. Is it possible that Ramsay’s actions have been able to change her in such a short time?

Sansa was too certain that the Bolton household would disappear; that the memory would be forgotten in time. The look on Ramsay’s blood-soaked face even suggested that he believed that.

Romper suggests that Ramsay’s words weren’t saying that Sansa was pregnant or that he was just trying to make it clear that he was in her head. This was the first time in Game of Thrones that Sansa had allowed someone to die, and even wanted someone to die. He was making it clear that she had taken a leaf out of his own book, and she was now just like him. It was that final dig, and Sansa knew it but overcame it.

This could be the way the story continues with Game of Thrones Season 7. There were already hints that Sansa would take a darker path when she was at The Vale, but that failed to materialize when it came to her wedding night and time at Winterfell with Ramsay. It is possible that Ramsay’s actions helped her to become the darker character that she may need to be for future episodes. If that is the case, he has managed to get inside of her.

There isn’t room in Game of Thrones for another unwanted baby—or another character. There are so many storylines currently going on and it is hard to keep track of them. There are characters that have just disappeared, their storylines left open for them to return. The latest trailer also makes it look like Jon will leave her at Winterfell, while he tackles the White Walkers north of The Wall. Adding a baby now would undermine her chance to make a name for herself as the Lady of Winterfell and Warden of the North.

Ramsay’s lines certainly help to reignite that fan theory. However, fans need to answer this question honestly: when has a single Game of Thrones fan theory ever been right lately?

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