‘GTA 5’ DLC ‘Cunning Stunts’ Coming In July, Sequel Finally Gets A Release Date?

It looks like there is more GTA 5 DLC on its way, gamers. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 downloadable content, is looking to be the most popular add-on to the GTA 5 game. Apparently, there’s more DLC coming this summer for everyone to enjoy. The next GTA 5 DLC update will include Cunning Stunts for the online version of the popular game, according to the Express.

It’s being reported that Cunning Stunts could include a number of flashy cars that are already available in Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA 5 has a large roster of vehicles you can choose from (or steal), including the Pegassi Osiris, Vapid Bullet, Truffade Adder, Grotti Cheetah, Bravado Banshee 900R, and many more. Cunning Stunts could include some very nice, souped-up versions of any one one of these vehicles, which should be very exciting for fans of the series — and, of course, those who are ready to pull off some pretty sick stunts.

The purpose of the DLC is to be an extension to the Creator tools that already exist within the game.

“The inspired Creator scene will be getting a vast new set of props, for an evolution of stunting, racing and trials-style creations, and other gameplay possibilities that will surely defy imagination,” Rockstar explained.

Players can use the Creator tools in GTA 5 to put together their own customized race tracks while at the same time also allowing the player to invent their own customizable missions. Allegedly, there is going to be a “stunt academy” placed somewhere within the Cunning Stunts DLC for the game, and the DLC will provide some optional tools like loops and ramps for the customized race tracks to help fill it out. Now the title Cunning Stunts is starting to make much more sense if it wasn’t already easy to figure out.

As far as a Grand Theft Auto 5 follow-up, there are still rumors floating around as to what the GTA sequel, GTA 6, could include in its gameplay. One of the latest reports describes one of the maps that will be included — a map of London. It looks like the next installment in the GTA series will finally be taking gamers outside of the U.S. and into new waters, as previous games have always taken place somewhere within America.

However it sounds as if the size of this map alone is going to take years for the developers to finish, and some have claimed that GTA 6 will feature the largest map in the history of the franchise. Another history-making move rumored to happen is the inclusion of the first female protagonist in the entire series. How long exactly will it take before GTA 6 gets here? Apparently by the end of 2018, with 2020 being the absolute latest.

Other reports tell us that the GTA 5 online mode is going to include another update, one that will feature a new playable character. Rockstar has yet to really offer up any details regarding this new character, and fans certainly didn’t get any answers at this year’s E3. However, in 2013, Rockstar’s Dan Houser makes it clear that whatever is coming up, everyone involved will be very confident in it.

“This was the best game we could make at this point in time – we’re not holding anything back for the future. If you said to me now, go and design another GTA, I’d be like, ‘Oh what the f*** am I going to do next?’ But hopefully, when the time comes, we will figure out what was good, what wasn’t, and what could be improved with a bit of tech. The reason the game is still vibrant and exciting 11 years after it went into 3D is because we haven’t done that. We’ve gone all out on every version to try and make the absolute best game we could make at that time.”

GTA 5 has shipped over 65 million copies and is currently one of the best-selling video games of all time.

[Image via Rockstar Games]

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