Why Rihanna’s Instagram Posts Have Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Upset

According to fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Rihanna has taken it too far with her latest Instagram post. Like everyone else, the singer was watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night, June 19.

Just a few days ago, RiRi sparked the rumors when she posted this photo of LeBron James on the basketball court. It’s actually an innocent photo since it’s a meme of LeBron’s side-eyeing a Los Angeles Lakers player. She also tagged his name in that photo.

Then, the self-declared bad gal upset Cleveland Cavaliers fans on Sunday night when she posted a series of Instagram photos of her favorite player, LeBron James, along with some flirty posts of herself. Rihanna received backlash when she previously posted a photo of herself wearing a red string bikini with the number 23 (LeBron’s number) on her stomach. The reason why fans don’t like this particular photo is because LeBron is a happily married man. However, Rih tagged in him the photo, making it look as if she wants his attention.

Then, Rih followed up with a post when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the game and the NBA championship. The first photo was innocent, as it showed LeBron smiling with his trophies.

Rihanna took things further once again when she shared a photo of herself standing next to a big screen showing LeBron James with his gold trophies. She wrote in the caption, “Bae! Lol.”

Now, fans are saying that Rihanna’s latest Instagram posts are disrespectful, considering the fact that LeBron James is a married man while Rihanna is a sexy and single woman who’s rocking the boat.

“She just wanna f*** LeBron to get back at JR,” one fan wrote underneath her post, referring to NBA player J.R. Smith.

The fellow player had his own social media beef with Rihanna a couple years ago after they were rumored to be dating.

Some other of RiRi’s fans thought she acting thirsty.

“He’s married your wh*re,” wrote another user.

“The thirst,” one simply stated.

On the other hand, it’s likely that she didn’t mean anything by the posts and just has an innocent crush on him. Rihanna is certainly not the only fan who has a crush on a married athlete.

The “Kiss It Better” singer is clearly not bothered by the backlash from her controversial Instagram posts. Instead, she followed up with another post of herself eating popcorn while enjoying a game courtside.

Rihanna also found some time to troll Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry. She took to Instagram to share a post of Curry looking rather disappointed on the basketball court on Sunday night.

Then, she hit back at the losing team once again when she posted a photo of a naked man walking in a parking lot. You can check out the NSFW photo here.

Rihanna wrote in the caption, “Meanwhile…”

Last year, it was rumored that LeBron James would fly Rihanna out to his games on his private jet during the playoffs while his wife would stay home and watch their newborn baby. Rihanna was spotted courtside with her best friend and assistant, Melissa Forde. The romance rumors first sparked when Forde took to her Instagram to post a video of a game in Oakland.

In the video, some thought they could hear Rihanna saying, “LeBron here we come baby!”

Rihanna looked very flirty when she watched LeBron James play in an Oakland game last year. [Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

LeBron has taken to Twitter in the past to share his attraction towards Rihanna. He shared his thoughts about the singer’s hot music video for “Can’t Forget to Remember You” featuring Shakira.

However, it has never been confirmed that LeBron James is having an affair with Rihanna. The singer has been mostly linked to Drake, Real Madrid player Karim Benzema, Travis Scott, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chris Brown.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Rihanna has gone too far with her latest Instagram posts? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

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